Author Topic: Advertising POIS as a general imbalance would make it easier  (Read 495 times)


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Advertising POIS as a general imbalance would make it easier
« on: November 27, 2020, 02:21:52 PM »
I realized if one starts off by saying that orgasms give all these negative symptoms it creates a stronger possibility of disbelief in POIS or it being brushed off as a psychological disorder or guilt or religion inducing so a more strategical way to talk about POIS in real life and on the Internet would be in form of a general possible underlying imbalance and explain that out of all the things orgasms trigger this episode of brain fog and other symptoms so if we talk about it without directly jumping on the discussion about orgasms causing these symptoms and package it more subtly it'd create less initial idea resistance in more sceptical people like ones without POIS who are lower in openness and higher in the scepticism like when we mention it to an average person or someone else for whom the idea of sexual activities causing these symptoms might seem bizzare and make them less likely to believe in that.

Of course simply telling it straight forward works in most of the cases but the weirdness factor could stop full potential attention to be given to it because there's something that when negative symptoms due to sexual activities and such are mentioned many people brush it off as psychological or guilt or religion induced almost as if sexual activities can't make one have negative symptoms due to some other imbalance in the body even though the reproductive system is a physical organ connected to everything else in the same way as everything is in the body.

This would work the best for instances like explaining it to more sceptical doctors or parents or family members or in other cases where it's crucial for one to make someone understand the situation they have with POIS and it'd make the focus be more on the general state of the health and what could be leading to orgasm being a trigger of these many day long multisystem symptoms.