Author Topic: Non orgasm triggers for POIS/also all over body pain/sensitivity after orgasm  (Read 633 times)


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Hey all,

I was thinking about this just now. I notice that i get POIS symptoms from other things than sex/orgasm too which include too much stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, too much exercise.

I got a new symptoms today and i?m wondering if anyone else has this (only happens after orgasm): my body will hurt all over, like i have been working out like crazy all day or something. All my muscles hurt and my skin gets extremely sensitive/irritable.

Can anyone relate to the skin sensitivity issue? I also have ADHD so it might just be that but it can?t be a coincidence IMO. Prolactin/Dopamine related maybe?


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Yes, I share the non-O POIS symptoms from all of the items you've mentioned as well as sometimes defecating also triggering some symptoms. have skin sensitivity as well, head, scalp, legs. Almost as if the hair follicles get inflamed.
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And they are probably beeing inflamed! If it gets better with a 2-3 day water fast, the problem is probably leaky gut. If it doesnt help, it's probably related to hormonal imbalances (too little antiinflammatory hormons like testosterone, growth hormone and oxitocin). Stuff yourself full with antiinflammatory foods and supplements (cucumin, ginger, garlic etc), do mild exercice (not heavy) to keep the blood circulation going, increase your blood pressure if its low and take much vitamin C to protect the blood vessels along with 2-3 litres of water daily. See the "how to increas testosterine" and "how to increase blood pressure" threads.