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POIS discovery
« on: November 05, 2020, 08:21:30 AM »

The first time I noticed that I had POIS was after a few weeks after I discovered masturbation at age 16 (2017), I had the common POIS effects everyone was experiencing. The first time I masturbated I felt a lot of heat and a lot of semen was released, I remember being able to masturbate twice in a short period of time on the first month I discovered masturbation. After masturbating I felt tired, weak, scared to leave the house,and struggling to make eye contact with people. I had discovered nofap while browsing reddit, I had a few 30 day streaks in (2018) and I noticed the common benefits. In february-april 2019 I found r/semenretention and then I went on my longest streak (64 days) I had 5-6 wet dreams during that streak, but my POIS effects were not as bad as when I was masturbating. I had discovered r/pois during winter 2019. I am currently on a 31 day semen retention streak and I never want to masturbate again, I want to do semen retention until I get a partner, this might take 6-12 years. With semen retention I believe I can become a chad and then finally attract a woman, it will be difficult for me to do this in a POIS state.