Author Topic: Monte case - my POIS (some symptoms are strange)  (Read 4956 times)


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Re: Monte case - my POIS (some symptoms are strange)
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No, I remember he (she) sure didn`t do any test. She only looked at wound on the foreskin and said that this is herpes. Symptoms were itching all the time and a little pain while touching. It was single red stain about1x1,5 cm. I have no idea how I got it (maybe in public swimming pool?). I think I was 14-16 years old.


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Re: Monte case - my POIS (some symptoms are strange)
« Reply #21 on: September 21, 2020, 10:08:49 AM »
So after sex with wife I went to bed but in first 30 minutes I couldn`t fall asleep  (caffeine in Excedrin). In night I woke up some times and I`ve noticed that my feeling is realy good. In the morning I had no POIS, but the sympthoms were little worse respiratory efficiency and little cardiac arrhythmia. The symptoms disappeared after drinking grain coffee (magnesium). I was very happy that I feel much better that usually after sex.  But not all was perfect.

Positive sides:
good eyesight,
seeing in vivid colors,
no irritability,
no anxiety
no body pain

Bad sides:
brain fog
poorer intellectual abilities (both not as bad as in my normal POIS)
being little clumsy (but also still better than in my normal POIS)

I had the impression that these bad sides are caused by an excess of some neurotransmitter, which keeps me from focusing. When I was taking naps, the symptoms disappeared and then my intellectual abilities were much better. The effect of sleep on the improvement of my condition allowed me to conclude that it could be caused by too much norepinephrine. Can I be right? How can I lower it? Emergency use of melatonin?
I wonder what the second day will look like.
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