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HATEPOIS POIS Diary 24yo pectus excavatum fibro chronic fatigue
« on: October 25, 2020, 07:25:55 AM »
This will be my diary.

Most of this problems started after i leave my parents house and started living alone.
Until 18 yo i was healthy guy. I have no disability or serious chronic disiases.

Have moderate improvement after vitamin d 1000-1500 IU administration for more than 2 months.
I had agitation from vit d year ago, so i'm not taking too much. Maybe it was Ca/Mg deficiency, ok for now.

GI problems was fixed with iron, b12 and folic acid

I have pectus excavatum (connective tissue dysplasia with CNS side effects?) from 4-5 yo.
I'm jering since i was 7 y.o. and all was fine until i started living alone from parents.
Have drugs use history (not so bad, i'm clean for 5 years now).

I was into sports when i was 14-20 years, it was way better than now.

I've had fibro like pains after small excersice but i think this was fixed with vit. d.

Have vasal and cardiac problems sometimes, but now is much better (vit d, excercise, enough nutrients).
Mostly vasoconstriction.

SSRI, antypsychotics failed.

Feel really bad from coffee and even tea give me heartrace!

I want to kick ass of my problems, MURDER IT, i'm so angry!  >:(

I have lack of energy and can't work well, but i easily can find job, this is so disappointing.
I'm talk and think well, but i'm burning out as f.
Hello, everyone.
I'm 24 y.o. and i have pois about 2 years.

In my case most symptoms around authonomic nervous system.
I can jerk once every 3-7 days without too much problems, but this isn't feels normal however.

Recently, i've done this twice a day and was overwhelmed by strong body stiffness, vasoconstriction and almost dying experience (fixed with propranolol).

Today day 3 after this and i still fucked up.
It always feels similar to painkiller withdrawals and i had something from weed too.
I think, i have problems with neuromediators.

I'm insanely suffered from SSRI (almost agony) and even low dose of antypsychotic causes akathisia.
Also i had problems with biperiden and atropine-like drugs: pulse more than 120 when you sitting and 140+ when ou standing up.
So, mental illness medications not work for me and this is piece of shit, despite of drugs, but doing drugs its not what i want.
Now i'm 1 year free from any meds and was on it about month in the past, twice in my life, so this isn't a point.
I'm not mental ill, i just trusted psychiatrist with "cure all with pills" attitude, he said i have a depression, but i haven't.
Meds can wreck your life, i'm almost performed suicide, stay safe, it was worst thing in my life. Far worse than painkiller withdrawals and pneumonia with fever together.

When i tried painkillers, i felt real relief, but this is not what i want.

Also i had problem with zinc, vitamin d and cheese, herring and yoghurt: 1 hour after i had vasoconstriction and high blood pressure, more than 140/110.
It felt like i'm dying from amphetamine overdose, but without heartrace.
But this faded, after i started eat better.
I had paresthesia and severe tremor with stiffness, so it can be electrolyte deficiency.
But this things happened some months later after i started feel bad after orgasm and now i don't have this problems for one year.

Also, after orgasm i feel desire to lay on the bed and relax, but i can't feel this enough, like something blocks this feeling.
This feeling was good when i get high on weed or painkillers years ago, i hope i'm not damaged my nervous system.
And i had orthostatic problems, but i'm okay for now, i think its because i started vitamin d.
I had GI problems too, prior vitamin d and this weared off after two month 1000-1500 IU d3 daily.

I had constipation too and this was fixed with more potato, calcium and i don't know what else.

And i had bad thing with constipation: i was like poisoned from it, with vasoconstriction, headache etc.
After lavement i was oky after 30 minutes.
Thanks God, this is not a problem for now!

Why this can happend?

I have some degree in medicine, try not to be toxic, please.
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Re: Hello, need help
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2020, 07:30:44 AM »
I'm also not excercise enough and have bad sleep wake regimen, i'm fixing it now.
But i'm burning out on job easily, this is a problem too.

Also i had bad orgasm feeling sometimes: it feels 50/50 good and like pain, not actual pain, but not pleasant.
Polutions orgasm while sleeping feels not pleasant, very intense.

And i have bladder/prostate problem with frequent peeing and not fully releasing urine.

Sorry, i'm not complain, its just all i have and i'm fighting for better quality of life.

What i noticed:
1 day orgasm + 1 day later orgasm = bad feeling, 3-4 days to restore
1 day orgasm every 3-7 days = not so bad, 2 days to restore
1+ orgasm in same day = disaster, up to 7 days to restore

So, its more looks like endorphine/serotonin/norepinephrine/prolactin problem.

I have no tits and my testosterone is upper level.
Immunity is good, i even had corona and it was easy.

Well, i'm starting from prolactin blood test.
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Re: HATEPOIS POIS Diary 24yo pectus excavatum fibro chronic fatigue
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2021, 01:55:05 AM »
seems like you had some mild dysautonomia maybe hyperadrenergic POTS and some gut issues.It?s all tied together
POIS sufferer for over 3 decades. Has progressively gotten worse over the years and I became completely disabled around 2011. My case of POIS is very severe.