Author Topic: Exposure to pre-ejaculate is driving me nuts  (Read 2700 times)


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Re: Exposure to pre-ejaculate is driving me nuts
« Reply #15 on: August 23, 2020, 05:14:42 AM »
An erection for a few seconds can release a drop of pre-ejaculate which ruins my day. There is no build up of symptom intensity like orgasm. It's maxed out immediately. A second erection during the same day makes the reaction more aggressive. Symptom intensity correlates with the amount of fluid released and the duration of exposure. I can't fully avoid erections. This condition is utter madness, it's not only physical torture but mental torture as well.

Same thing happens with me. I thought I am the only person in the world with this. Even slightest arousal and you see precum drops oozing out. Even talking to my crush does the same for me. It was very bad when I was 18, now I am 22 and has improved a lot. But my symptoms with precum are mild and yes depends directly on the amount of fluid released.
Has POIS changed too or only nonO symptom?


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Re: Exposure to pre-ejaculate is driving me nuts
« Reply #16 on: October 02, 2020, 08:34:10 PM »
Symptoms from precum have also been very difficult for me to deal with. The effect seems to be relatively inconsistent. Prolonged intense arousal (>20 minutes) with substantial precum release is typically, though not always, equivalent to a POIS reset for me. With shorter arousal, its a coinflip. There have been times in the past when even one or two minutes of arousal have led to POIS. It's all very frustrating. Fortunately, I am extraordinarily lucky to not get wet dreams.