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Two different mentalities in dealing with POIS
« on: August 15, 2020, 12:16:30 PM »
I noticed that there are two different mentalities in dealing with POIS, this can be said a little for all disorders to tell the truth but since we are talking about POIS here I am referring to two mentalities that exist and that are used by various poisers.

Basically they are the preventive mindset and the one to cure the symptoms.

Personally I have tried both of them a bit even if I personally prefer the second one more, it is true that the second one can appear more stupid because you run for cover after the damage is done instead of predicting it, however, when I tried for example to take niacin before having an orgasm, side effects have occurred such as a sensation of heat and redness and one cannot even mathematically plan when to masturbate and when not because maybe the day he has planned does not feel like it or for other reasons the sex or masturbation skips while instead maybe he has to hold on in abstinence of the days that maybe the libido is high just to avoid POIS.

In short, I wondered if it was worth taking niacin in advance and risking its side effects when it takes a while to take effect and maybe in the meantime the desire has passed, but I don't want to diminish the preventive mentality which is also very important, I even noticed that if you take niacin before the orgasm itself is as if it were more pleasant as well as the reduced POIS as symptoms.

In short, I think every poiser is called to use a bit of one and a bit of the other as a strategy, apart from rare cases like Nanna1 who, being a student in the biomedical field, as I understand it, managed to eliminate 100% the POIS with a stack that takes daily as I understood and therefore not necessarily before sex but it is so functional that only by taking it as a dietary supplement can it completely eliminate POIS and therefore does not even need to run for cover while 80% of my strategy is based precisely on running for cover while as regards taking molecules first it leaves me a bit thrilled for the reasons listed above, I don't know how you do it but lately I have abandoned rigid abstinence plans, let's say that I try to have orgasm usually at night and maybe in the weekend to minimize the impact of POIS on life, however, on taking molecules first, I am not very convinced, I noticed that niacin is effective even if taken later, however in the end I have a POIS that is all in all light, perhaps for those who have it more severe the preventive strategy becomes much more important to avoid terrible symptoms.
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