Author Topic: Successful hCG treatment for POIS?  (Read 15324 times)


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Re: Successful hCG treatment for POIS?
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Any update with Clomifene???


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Re: Successful hCG treatment for POIS?
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Hello guys,

I haven't written on the forum for a long time, but I have always followed it carefully. Today I am writing because I was intrigued by the study published a few months ago on HCG and its positive effects. I was in fact able to have access to that drug (injections) and I would be interested in experimenting it on me. However my testosterone is normal (my latest blood tests under public), unlike the subject of the study.

My doctor, who knows nothing about POIS, told me that testosterone levels are ok in my case, despite the fact that the prolactin is a little high. Therefore he does not recommend giving HCG injections.

I would however be willing to try. But I'm afraid I can have negative effects. So I ask you, has anyone by chance tried to make such injections? Did it have any results? Can HGC injections pose any risk?

Here my latest results:

Prolactin: 454,3 mlU/l   (98-456)
Testosteron: 4,81 ng/ml   (2,8-8)
FSH: 3,95 u/l   (1,5-12,4)
LH:  3,76mlU/ml   (1,7-8,6)
Estradiol:  26,7 pg/ml   (11,3-43,2)

Thank you all

Hey, Mardi.
The only instances where testosterone therapy helps is when the patient suffers from low testosterone levels. There is no literature on testosterone therapy on subjects with normal levels. Therefore, it's probably not recommended and trying testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is at your own risk.
That said, if the doctor approved TRT for your case it would be interesting to see if it has an impact on POIS.

pois:ers probably have slow testosterone rebuild/accumulation
it means that testosterone levels should be tested right after orgasm!

not two weeks after orgasm, big difference.