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Re: Getting Outside Funding.
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I think this is a good quote to use; Got it from poissufferer's post and tweaked it a littler i think we have alot of post that we use on reddit to use as topic title but we got to find.

I am guy who has lost 10 of my life, and I mean lost!".
- go on to describe how and why.
      - we can compile some of our stories here
                -  try to connect with people
      -  describe pois
- transition to how to donate money

I think we should do this quick before reddit gets desensitized to solicitations.  I can start an account but, i think there should be people who are not always fogged out like me to respond.

I think this is a good outline to work with.  I"l be thinking of what to add tomorrow...

Thanks for making moves to push this forward guys. My time is severely limited by work just now - and some POIS mixed in at the moment :-/ I'll also try to do what I can in the few days before I go away for a few weeks. Here's something interesting: two very similar reddit posts or at least both are on the same topic.BUT -  one got 6732 comments the other got 23. Both were submitted 25th Jan. We can probably learn something from this. The one with lots of posts adds a bit more of a hook in the title and more detail in the actual post than the other one.