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Here is the July NORD News:

Includes the announcement of NORD’s POIS Research Study Grant! Crowdfunded by the Great Forum Members of ! ( )

***NORD is the organization that manages our current (2019-2020) POIS Research - - via a Grant totally funded by us at***

Complete July News:


How can you be a better advocate for yourself in a healthcare setting? Are you curious about how care coordination fits into a successful treatment plan?
We will cover these topics and more in tomorrow's free webinar. Join us as our speakers explain self-advocacy and how you can develop skills to become a more effective self-advocate.We will also discuss using advocacy skills to coordinate care and how care coordination can influence outcomes for patients.
This webinar is perfect for patients, caregivers and advocates.
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Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 24
2:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. EDT


Here is the August NORD News:

Complete August News:

Let's make sure we recruit as many as possible, making this the most relevant research on POIS to date.

Nas, thanks for your enthusiasm for the upcoming POIS  Research.


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