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Guys, I made a major breakthrough. It all happened be sheer coincidence while I was researching the use of Adaptogens as a possible way to alleviate many of my POIS symptoms.  Turns out that I had low stomach acid.  I have been suffering for 5 years now and the solution was so bloody simple.  I still can't believe it.  On 3 May I tried introducing Apple Cider Vinegar and some coconut oil to my diet.  I felt like death for 2 days, almost got a relative to drive me to the ER but I persisted.  What was happening is a major die off of either Candida or some other harmful bacteria in my GI tract and with this most of their endotoxins got released into my blood.  Once this cleared up my brain fog lifted, I no longer had any PE or POIS symptoms!  Usually I would ejaculate around the <2min mark but now I consistently achieve above 7 mins like I used to.

I suffered from Chronic sinusitis, used Corticosteroids daily and Illiadin every now and then.  My nose hasn't felt this clear in years.  I simply can't believe all the massive benefits.  Not saying ACV will work for all of you but its worth a shot.  If you feel crap while drinking it, you most like have an overrun of pathogens harming most systems in your body.

Have a read here https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/322491.php

Ancient civilizations always kept their foodstuffs pickled and the typical Western diet these days is void of a lot of enzyme rich foods, it just makes sense to me.

Hi TS, and welcome to the forum.

Can you give us a brief summary of the POIS symptoms you usually had, and their severity and duration ?

Also, keep us updated, in a few months, to see if your relief is still effective.   The word "cure" is maybe not appropriate a this stage, considering you are symptom-free for less than a week.  However, you may have found something, apple cider vinegar, that really helps you control your POIS symptoms.  Let us know if you will have to continue on taking apple cider vinegar to keep your symptoms-free.


Hi there and thanks,

Symptoms I used to get:
I used to masturbate almost daily.  My POIS symptoms gradually got worse over the years.  These days even though I'd like to be able to be more active in this department, I limit the amount of times I do it to about once every 9 days, purely because of the negative symptoms. Brain fog was a big one for me, it manifested in especially my speech.  Slurred, error prone and sometimes incoherent.  I'm an IT guy and staying sharp is crucial to the work I do so I've come to learn not ejaculate close to an event where I need my wits.  The fog usually lifted around day 4 for me.  I would experience severe burning of my urinary tract after ejaculation.  The only thing that helped to alleviate this symptom was to take Sodium carbonate, it usually worked after an hour or so and then it didn't bother me again. I'm a very fit guy, I train almost daily and spend a lot of time in the ocean.  After ejaculation I would be zapped from physical stamina too, I noticed this in my training, also for a couple of days I'd say.  My balance gets affected quite noticeably.  The last symptoms was increased anxiety and less tolerance of stressful events.  Oh and I've done a full STD panel, all negative.

I'll keep you updated. But trust me when I say, despite the inflammation that I'm dealing with now, I feel so different. I think(*fingers crossed*) this state is here to stay.

Congratulations !
I have the same stomach problems since 2 years.
Can you explain how much vinegar and coco oil you take a day ?

I had a bad experience with coconut oil last year but I want to try vinegar.

edit : ok, you gave more details on the other topic. Thanks !

I think about you wrote.

After orgasm, I have many and many muscle tremors.
After sport too if I lost water.
When I add extra salt in my food, i have no tremors (much less or not at all). If i take sodium bicarbonate it does not work.
So, Chlorid is the trigger.

When I add extra salt I have less stomach problems.
I think chlorid may help to regulate stomach acids (Hydrochloric acid).


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