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I was suffering from pois for a long time and have been diagnosed with IBS. I been treating it last 4 months and significantly improved my symptoms.
Symptoms included
- Lose of weight.
After orgasm:
- Bloating and constipation.
- Depression and inability be social.
- Brain fog   

What I would suggest is checking with gastroenterologist.
How I treated pois:
- low FODMAP diet.
- Yoga and stress control.
- I also took antidepresants but I it didn't help me much.
- Probiotics (Necessary!)
- Get enough sleep!
- Work out.

But most of all, I repeat, you should check with gastroenterologist!
You will see changes yourself.
Good Luck!

If only curing POIS was that simple.

Yup, that's what I think too now  ;D
Trust me I was on the edge of suicide.
I think for most of the cases, it's IBS.
That's why diet helped Going Less Crazy
or Yoga others, or some thought it was just in our heads.

IBS is connected to stress (which is "cured" by yoga) and Gut flora.
I have read 'Leaky Gut' theories on this forum but IBS is more close to symptoms of pois.

Stress sounds like a cortisol issue. Maybe the reason why testosterone works for some is that it reduces cortisol levels? Interesting theory.

Yes. That’s interesting, Nas.


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