Author Topic: EBV reactivates in the presence of semen plasma- From Scientific Article  (Read 702 times)

Mr Raba

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“…several studies have reported that human seminal plasma activates replication of this virus.”  This is statement that could explain why we get viral Symptoms after ejaculation.

This is part of an excellent article about virus in human/mammal male reproductive system.  I would like to request that our research minded folks in this group take a good look please comment your thoughts on this article.  There are several jewels in it regarding the effect on many virus on testes, and other componentes of human reproductive system.
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yes it is , I'm positive for ebv and cytomegalovirus cmv, both have high igg, I think pois is related to latent virus reactivation, as sexual hormones do the same so, maybe prolactin and oxytocin too, other hand growth hormone blocks it's replication, that's why some people found out releif with hcg