Author Topic: The Role of BDNF in Etiology of Premature Ejaculation  (Read 3183 times)


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Re: The Role of BDNF in Etiology of Premature Ejaculation
« Reply #20 on: October 08, 2020, 01:37:10 PM »
Been browsing poiscenter and had given up after histamines did not work without its severe symptoms like drowsiness. Anyways I saw someone post a list of everything that helped them including L theanine. I had drank 6 cups of black tea and felt insanely relaxed so I knew from previous experience/research it was L theanine that caused the relaxation from black tea. Being aware of this I ordered 400mg capsules of l theanine from amazon. Took 2 capsules morning and night the first day, next day took 800mg in morning and 400mg in evening. I had suffered from premature ejaculation for 6 years, I can Pois in under 20-40seconds and hit orgasm 100% before even lasting 1 minute. So yesterday I tried to Masterbate and lasted 58 minutes before reaching orgasm and ejaculation. Maybe its a one off thing? So I tried the same 800mg in the morning today and could not orgasm or ejaculate for 44minutes and I stopped after this because my hands hurt. I didn't change any other variable except for l theanine and I felt like I had turned the clock back to when I was 15. So is this meant to be happening or what are your thoughts?


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Re: The Role of BDNF in Etiology of Premature Ejaculation
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Something rang a bell here though I'm not sure how to understand the sentence : "TrkB autophosphorylation is dependent upon its ligand-specific association with BDNF, a widely expressed activity-dependent neurotic factor that regulates plasticity and is unregulated following hypoxic injury" (BDNF : wikipedia)

Then I found this which might be of interest :
- Hypoxia may decrease BDNF levels :
- BDNF overexpression is itself protective against hypoxia, excitotoxicity and death of GABAergic neurons : (so low BDNF, etc.).

I would not be surprised if some kind of hypoxia were involved in my POIS, as I have an impaired breathing during POIS episodes (that is, most of the time), and in fact it was one of the first symptoms that I noticed, many years ago, and sometimes it is severe. I know that many people here have this kind of problems too.

(All this may be completely irrelevant, my mastery of these topics is very modest, to say the least.)
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Re: The Role of BDNF in Etiology of Premature Ejaculation
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Interesting stuff, Prospero.

Possibly related: Shortness of breath and subjectively not feeling like I'm able to draw breath deeply/fully is part of my symptom set. Also, there is another thing, which intuitively feels like it may be related: I also generally am very sensitive to cold, which gets worse during a symptom episode. The way it works specifically is that the extremities of my body, feet and hands especially, get super cold in even mildly cold weather, and I have trouble warming them back up. Subjectively it feels almost like the blood flow to my extremities is reduced severely, and my hands and feet get very stiff, and my feet start aching.

Possibly related as well: My dad has a condition whereby his hands get extremely cold and he struggles to get them warm again. I believe he's been diagnosed with Raynaud's disease. Maybe there is a genetic factor?

Bit of a rambling post here, sorry about that. Just putting it out there in case anyone can make sense of it.


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Re: The Role of BDNF in Etiology of Premature Ejaculation
« Reply #23 on: October 09, 2020, 07:23:54 AM »
Circulatory changes poll

But I am one that gets severe headaches after sex.  It is all over my head. It is not in one spot. In the past it would start out like my head felt deprived of oxygen or something and was very dull achey brain foggy confused feeling. It almost felt as if my brain was burning. I do not sleep well when it is like this. I am very aware of my head the whole time as it feels injured. Normally I sleep like a rock. After a few days of this my headache moves into a more classic headache where it's just painful like a really bad headache. Oddly enough I welcome that because I know I'm out of the first stage and will be better in a few more days. I have to say though since starting testosterone I am not experiencing these kind of severe headaches.

Mast cells release/secrete mediators under hypoxic conditions:

Mast Cell Survival and Mediator Secretion in Response to Hypoxia

Mast cells mediate the microvascular inflammatory response to systemic hypoxia

I'm going off-topic. What I just wrote isn't necessarily related to BDNF. There is however enough stuff to find on this forum that can be a sign of low BDNF and/or serotonin including the thread about women with POIS.

Edit: Perhaps it's better to discuss Blood flow related issues in these threads:
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