Author Topic: My POIS only happens with masturbation. Normal sex doesnt generate POIS symptoms  (Read 10792 times)


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Hey everyone
I decided to comment on my own topic to remind everyone of the Forum about my condition.
For about 2 years now I have not felt the symptoms of POIS after masturbation, but I do not consider myself cured.
My POIS comes back every time my spine and muscles are inflamed. The way I can stay without POIS is to keep inflammation away from my body with exercises and alliances based on the scientific principles of physiotherapy / kinesiology / biomechanics. I would like to point out that the upper body at the junction between trunk and neck should be in good working order with the trapezius muscles, spine erectors, etc. performing their functions in a coordinated and stress free manner. Other parts of the body should also be in good working order, but the main focus will always be the thoracic and cervical spine.

Do you have links to videos of those exercises??



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I have skipped POIS on few occasions when trying various body positions during ejaculation (mbate).  But I could not replicate it.  Wearing condom has has no effect at all.

I too only have pois after masturbate but not sex
I read it somewhere that masturbate with condom on can reduce pois, have any of you tried it?
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