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: who had braces and teeth removed ?  ( 58 )
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« : March 17, 2019, 05:39:33 AM »

Just curious, I may have stumbled upon another potential treatment for POIS.
Who has had orthodontic work done where teeth have been removed ?
Who has a small jaw?
who has sleep apnea?
who has snoring?
who has jaw pain ?
who has headaches?
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« #1 : March 17, 2019, 06:01:34 AM »


I have all the things you've mentioned except jaw pain.  Instead I have severe sinus issues due to allergies and had done Septoplasty for deviated nasal septum and Fess surgery, with  no improvement in breathing issues after surgery.  I still have severe sleep problems and chronic fatigue due to lack of good sleep, and in case by luck I have a good sleep then I am a completely different person with lots of energy.  Even the pois symptoms will reduce by 90% if I am able to get a good sleep.
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« #2 : March 20, 2019, 07:35:46 AM »

Hey Aswinpras06,

That is interesting.
Have you had your sleep apnea looked at? are you using a CPAP or mandibular advancement splint? has it made a difference?
do you wake up with tightness in your face, jaw muscles or neck muscles?
How long have you had POIS symptoms for?
When did you get the braces off?
Did you need to have tonsils or adenoids removed?
Have you tried Nasonex for the sinus? I'm sure you probably have tried it all, but I just want to clarify.
My wife and I have found that indoor pot plants help to clean the air. She has had less allergic break outs and sinus related issues.
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« #3 : Today at 01:49:58 AM »

That is interesting.
Have you had your sleep apnea looked at? are you using a CPAP or mandibular advancement splint? has it made a difference?
do you wake up with tightness in your face, jaw muscles or neck muscles?
How long have you had POIS symptoms for?
When did you get the braces off?
Did you need to have tonsils or adenoids removed?
Have you tried Nasonex for the sinus? I'm sure you probably have tried it all, but I just want to clarify.
My wife and I have found that indoor pot plants help to clean the air. She has had less allergic break outs and sinus related issues.

Hi Melt

Thanks for your reply

I have never used a CPAP because no doctor here have suggested using one.  Same for the mandibular advancement splint.  This is the first time  I am hearing about this.

No noticeable tightness in my face,jaw or neck while waking up.  But very tired always due to lack of good sleep when waking up.

I have Pois  for about 26 years (I am 41 years old now)

I have used the braces for only about 3 months(15 years old at that time) and stopped using them because of difficulty in speech (which has been caused by pois).  Due to slurring of speech caused by pois, having the braces made talking much more harder.  So I quit the braces and have crooked teeth till now.

Tonsils and adenoids are not the problem as per my ENT Surgeon who did the FESS&SEPTOPLASTY  for deviated nasal septum.

I have tried all the nasal corticosteroids and ended them all because ultimately they result in some hard to treat sinus infections

Indoor plants are indeed a good option.  I will try them.
« : Today at 03:21:09 AM aswinpras06 »
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« #4 : Today at 08:45:54 AM »

Hey Aswinpras,

Thanks for chatting with me.

It does sound like you may have sleep apnea if you're not getting refreshing sleep. So have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea?
Did you take out 4 premolars and now you have gaps between your teeth where they are missing?
Man you got POIS quite young! Must have been a horrible time.
How is your management of POIS? are your symptoms under control? Have you had a look at my treatment protocols?
The speech difficulty is due to swelling of the facial muscles and tongue. You need to remove the fluid in the muscles and essentially retrain your speech. I have had this problem too. It is a bit of a pain but you can make it fun by singing out loud, counting out loud, saying tongue twisters, etc
Have you seen a chiropractor before ? it is important to put your spine back into the correct alignment. This also reduces inflammation in the muscles because when the spine is out of its correct alignment, the muscles are pushing and pulling in an awkward position. The muscles are straining more and hence become tired and sore and more inflamed. Think of it as lifting a heavy box with bad posture, not bending your knees. It doesn't feel right and doesn't feel good. Something similar will happen if your spine is out.
This is because the muscles attach to the bone in the spine, so the position of the spine segments will push or pull the muscles into bad positions.

Also, can you tell me if you have pain in the jaw joint, the TMJ, ( it is next to the ear) temporomandibular joint, when chewing?
Does it look like your mandible, lower jaw, is too far back when you look from the side?
Have you had your wisdom teeth out?

It is difficult to make a full assessment without actually seeing you but I'll get on to my new theory. It would be nice to see if other people are having similar issues.

Ok, so the autonomic nervous system is comprised of two arms. The Sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system.
They are like Yin and yang, two sides to the same coin, head and tails.
They control the subconscious functioning of your body
They keep you alive.
They are nerves that run throughout your entire body like roads and train tracks that connect a city to its neighbouring suburbs.

EJACULATION is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.
this would explain why in POIS, the inflammation is generalised. inflammation goes over the entire body because it travels along the sympathetic nervous system
it is a form of neurogenic inflammation
hence we get such a vast variety of symptoms in almost every part of the body
all the symptoms are inflammation driven and can be reversed by treating and removing the inflammation. The inflammation unfortunately cannot be stopped but can be minimised
Because the inflammation travels along the sympathetic pathway which keeps us alive, there is really no way to turn it off
you cant turn off the sympathetic pathway .

After I realised this, i just focused on managing the inflammation as you can see in my treatment protocols
The best i could do was minimise the inflammation and clear it as quickly as possible
I can clear the inflammation in a day, but there is a residual inflammation that takes a bit longer to clear. This is due to a build up of metabolites such as histamine, substance P , serotonin lactic acid. These chemicals need to be flushed out from the inflamed areas

Where does braces and airway and sleep apnea fit in?

The upper jaw, (maxilla) controls the position of the lower jaw (mandible ) through the teeth
you bite your teeth together in a certain position and this determines where your upper and lower jaw meet.
Your airway consists of the nose and the mouth and it joins up in the back of your throat, then it goes down into the wind pipe into your lungs - check an anatomy book
nasal breathing is natural.
mouth breathing is unnatural and a human learnt trait. animals breathe through their nose

if your maxilla is too small or narrow, it impacts the nasal passages which are directly above the maxilla, this can restrict the nasal passages and impair airflow. Also if you experience sinusitis or allergic rhinitis, allergies, sneezing, etc it can inflame your nasal mucosa and make the nasal passages blocked as well and this makes it difficult to breathe from the nose.
These problems with nose breathing need to be fixed. Hence I asked you about all your breathing problems

The back of your throat is the part of the airway leading to your lungs. This section can be reduced in size if the lower jaw is too far back thus reducing the size of this space.
The mandible can be pushed into a retruded/ backward position if the maxilla is small and narrow or if the maxilla is also in backward position .
This results in a narrowing of the airway leading to the lung. Hence less air is able to be delivered to the lungs.
This problem is further exacerbated when you sleep.
when you sleep, your body becomes paralysed to keep you in a state of sleep. this means that the neck muscles also become paralysed and the airway potentially can collapse. this is sleep apnea. This  blockage of the airway means you stop breathing multiple times during your sleep. Your body becomes oxygen deprived.
it becomes deoxygenated. at the same time the amount of carbon dioxide in the body builds up. you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide.
as the carbon dioxide levels build up in the blood stream, it creates a weak acid , carbonic acid, the same acid in soft drink.
this results in respiratory acidosis.
your body likes a certain pH, it doesnt like it too acidic or too alkaline. i.e it doesnt like being too hot or too cold , it likes it just right
if your body goes into acidosis from deoxygenation, it predisposes to CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY CONDITIONS ! for which POIS is one
MIND blowing!
Could POIS be due to chronic deoxygenation? Could the most important nutrient that we're missing be OXYGEN this whole time !? Everyone is trying to replace vitamins but has anyone considered OXYGEN?

Hence my questions about your airway.
My airway is also restricted and I am looking to fix it .
I need to get my tonsils out and move my lower jaw more forward so my airway doesnt collapse during my sleep.
I am in the process of getting treatment so I can't tell you if this theory is true or not.
The treatment process is prolonged and may take 2-3 years so if you feel like this theory makes sense and you want to treat it, as I suggest you should, you should start now. You have nothing to lose by fixing your airway. You'll gain better sleep

Another potential thing that could be happening is related to your jaw.
The TMJ joint is made up of the condyle from the lower jaw which sits in the glenoid fossa . behind the condyle, in the joint space are retrodiscal tissues and nerves such as the auriculotemporal nerve and sympathetic nerves.

The condyle should sit slightly lower and towards the front of the joint
when the condyle is in the wrong position, usually it is sitting higher up and backwards, this compresses the nerves in the back of the TMJ and can irritate the sympathetic nerves.
Think of it as, if someone keeps annoying you all day long, eventually you have enough and you snap.
Something similar may be happening to the sympathetic nerve  and this is known as SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY!

the condyle can be in the wrong position if you have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)
this could be because your lower jaw is too far back
your lower jaw can be too far back when you have 4 premolars taken out and braces completed - this applies to myself

I have had TMJ scans done, and my condyle is compressing that nerve. I also have pain in my TMJ when i bite down, I have only just realised.
When i eat, i am constant pointing on the sympathetic nerve because the condyle goes back wards, and compresses the nerve.
i also clench and grind my teeth at night with clenching throughout the day . This adds extra irritation to the sympathetic never in the TMJ
So the sympathetic nerve is constantly being irritated 24/7 by my TMJ and this is potentially irritating the sympathetic nervous system and causing it to react abberantly.
REMEMBER  ejaculation is controlled by the SYMPATHETIC SYSTEM!!!

So could it be that the source of POIS is coming from nerve irritation in the JAW??

This will take time to correct, and it will take time for the nerves to calm down.
It is not a silver bullet.

It will be expensive to correct but what do you have to lose.
Spend the rest of your life as a prisoner inside your body?
or fix your airway and put your jaw back in the correct position??
I think the answer is simple

Now there is a problem with getting treatment done.
I will go into this at another time

Let me know what you think ?

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