Author Topic: Entry level books for understanding Orgasm/hormones mechanics/inflamations.  (Read 3064 times)


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I was into drugs for a while so I was into other forum for a couple years and learned a bit on neurotransmitters, receptors and so on. However comming to thisforum I see many questions I haven't encountered before like MAST Cells, Inflamations, Hormones interactions to name a few...

Would somebody recommend any entry-level literature that might be helpful in assimilating into forum and topics encountered here?


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You can search the topics here and read what is posted here. A lot of the people that bring up new topics describe the topics or give links that give good descriptions.
Also, You can use google search.


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Would somebody recommend any entry-level literature...

Both written by one of our previous researchers, but these books will *not* orient you to forum topics here. certainlypois2 suggestions above are best for that.


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