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January 23, 2019, 07:04:56 AM

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: Do you have insomnia?
Yes all the time - 1 (33.3%)
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No - 2 (66.7%)
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: Poll: Do you have insomnia?  ( 51 )
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« : January 04, 2019, 12:14:30 PM »

I think that the cold cills and the white tongue in POIS is caused by insomnia. I always had a problem with sleeping. As a kid it would turn of the lights so my parents thought that I was sleeping. But after their check I would turn on the light and stay awake for hours. At school I always feeling cold the first hours. Since I have POIS my insomnia only got worse. I have a problem of falling in sleep after sexual activity. Most of the times I only am active before the weekend. So I do not have to wake up early. But then my sleeping ritme gets messed up. At night I can not fall in sleep. And when I fall in sleep I wake up a few times. When I wake up i am feeling cold and have a white tongue.

Also almost 2 months ago I started with Clomid. Clomid can cause insomnia. I am off Clomid for 7 weeks now. Also antibiotics can cause insomnia. I am off antibiotics for 4 weeks now. Fluconazol also can cause Insomnia. I am Fluconazol for 3 weeks and have 1 week to go.
« : January 04, 2019, 01:08:32 PM Vandemolen »

POIS since 2000. Very bad since 2008. I knew that I have POIS since June 2010. Desensitization since March 2011. I stopped with desens in July 2016. I have 50% less POIS. And only 1 day of POIS. Purified CBD works for me, but I am allergic for CBD.
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