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Sell your art, a POISers dream side-job

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So your in a POIS storm thanks to an unscheduled NE. Life sucks. Why me? Well you know what, there's one thing you can do to lift your spirits and generate some cash.

Seek out local shops that sell local artists work. See what people are making and buying locally. Decide to try your hand at something similar, or come up with something entirely new and different that appeals to area consumers.

For example, theres a cafe a few blocks away from me. They sell all manner of local artists works. After chatting up the workers, I found out how some of the things sell for an amazing markup, and then googled on youtube how to make them myself.

Even suffering POIS, you can follow a s.o.p. to creating art that sells. I myself discovered a niche art that sells well. For $$$ spent on materials, I generally make 200% profit. And the art is "braindead" enough (ie, doesnt necessarily require all that much creativity or inspiration) that even when suffering POIS, I can still keep at it.


--- Quote from: Defsync on January 03, 2019, 03:50:57 AM ---
So you’re in a POIS storm thanks to an unscheduled NE.

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Inspired by Defsync's thread I started to draw some art. I'm thinking about selling this for $500 what do you guys think?

“Do I hear $50,000??”...”Going once...going twice...”

I sell limited edition sneakers and clothes and make a nice living out of it. I think running your own business is the best way forward for us.


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