Author Topic: Do you need antibiotics for Fungal Prostatitis?  (Read 1209 times)


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Do you need antibiotics for Fungal Prostatitis?
« on: December 14, 2018, 10:12:31 AM »
My doctor gave me Diflucan because I have candida in the mouth and skin. My doctor thinks I also have candida in the bowels. After 3 days I am still sick and the white tongue is the same. How long does it take before Diflucan works?

I also have joint pain. And pain on the penis area. I may have fungal prostatitis. But my question is: do I need to take antibiotics to get rid of the prostate problems/UTI? Or will Diflucan solve the problems? The problem of taking antibiotics is that the candida will grow again. Before antibiotics helped me to make the symptoms and pain less worse. But after two weeks the candida kicks in and then I feel worse again.
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