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another aproach
« on: February 06, 2019, 02:11:07 PM »
what do you think about it ?

i can understand about toxins removal procedures but i can't imagine how does he remove herpes-like viruses
where there is no cure up to date for epstein bar virus for example ...

anyway i got similar thoughts decades ago
just imagine how much energy a human body would get if there were no viruses and no bacteria inside the body
and so all that energy was spent years to fight them released

p.s. i'v found many articles about so many cancer that was connected to epstein-bar virus
i guess most of the cancer are because of latent viruses being not treated for years in the body
current protocol: 60mg test. cypionate subcutaneously every 3 days, HCG 500IU subcutaneously every 2 days, Cabergoline 0.125mg every week = no pois at all


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Re: another aproach
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 07:16:46 PM »
Highly suspicious.  How does he find the virus in all those locations without some serious surgery.
He is from Florida watch out  ;D ;D ;D


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Re: another aproach
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He is from Florida watch out  ;D ;D ;D


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Usually have major POIS-reduction, treatment consisting of daily (365 days/year) testosterone patches.

TRT must be checked out carefully with your doctor due to fertility, cardiac and other risks associated with it.

40+ years of severe 4-days-POIS, married, raised a family, started/ran a business.