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how do you spend your time when in pois


Hi everyone.

3-7 days is a long time when in pois.... and since POIS is "in the way" no matter what you do, i'm wondering, what do you guys do to make those particular days a bit less horrible.

Personnaly Nothing seems to work  except massive distractions such as jogging, computer games and if i can read, a book.... i don't even bother working towards my goals on those days. or try anything important that requires natural drive and a pinch of envie.

Looking forward to your aswers, help me kill time more wisely or do things a bit more productive.

also, if a similar topic has been created already i don't mind someone passing on the link. :)

thanks everyone, have a chill day.

The first day of POIS is the worst day. So I always plan when I am sexual active. I do it the night before I have no work and no appointments with friends or family. My POIS is less worse since my desens so on day 2 I can to work and I don’t have a lot of POIS-symptoms. I don’t recommend desens by the way. But for everybody day 1 is hell. So plan your O. I also have only 1 O in a week. When I do it twice a week the POIS and my prostate problems are worse.

By waiting for these horrible days to pass. That's how they are spent.

Cleaning, jogging, desperately trying supplements and other remedies to try to alleviate the brain fog so I can be more functional.


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