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Developed POIS after antibiotic use

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I've just joined and wanted to communicate what I believe the cause of this illness is, at least in my case.

I've been ill since aged 14 so maybe being sexually active started all of this for me. Initial symptoms were chronic fatigue but have progressed since then.

A year ago at age 30, I was on a course of a dangerous antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin. I have since developed a large number of symptoms like fibromyalgia, connective tissue damage, joint pain, fat padding loss. All of it worsens after an orgasm and the worst of it persists for about a week.

I believe high oxidative stress is the action in this illness. I find I sustain tissue damage in any part of my body that I put my bodyweight on for an extended period of time. I have lost the fat padding in my feet and am now severely flat-footed, I have lost the fat under my eyes and have prominent blue veins. I have to sleep on a doughnut shaped pillow so I don't lose further cartilage in my ears. My leg bones also hurt and I get bruising on my legs just from walking.

I have done tests which show a highly elevated Superoxide Dismutase enzyme, this measures oxidative stress. I also have abnormal bone inflammation markers called Osteocalcin and Beta-cTX. My cholesterol is also abnormally high suggesting high lipid oxidation.

I believe the cause of this oxidative stress to be from the loss of gut bacteria due to antibiotic use. There is a particular group of gut bacteria called "butyrate producers" that regulate inflammation in the body. I have tested my gut bacteria and have lost practically all of these butyrate producing species such as Roseburia, Faecalibacterium, Akkermansia, Copprocus.

I encourage people to check their gut bacteria using a "16S" test such as Ubiome or Atlas Biomed and see if they too are missing these crucial bacteria. Some tests just use cultures of bacteria and are useless, make sure it is a "16S" test which uses a technique called PCR.

Let me know what you all think.


Hi Simon,

Can you put this lab test data inside this thread?

We need your numerical data results and a good overview of what has been found so far, so people like myself can check these out, post them in the thread above plz. How do they know you have connective tissue damage? How did they test this? Btw my leg bones hurt as well sometimes, it's mostly isolated to the center of my shinbones.

Interesting, I was reading today about Tregs and environmental factors and they mentioned butyrate producing species. I looked this up because specific T-regs can actually induce IgG4 and IFN-gamma production (which are both high in my case) See figure 1:

Thanks for sharing this info.

Sure, I'll add that later today.

Inulin is a prebiotic that boosts butyrate bacteria so might be worth trying. Since I've lost most butyrate species, it has only a minor effect on me and I can take much because I have bad reactions to foods and supplements.

I was looking at a faecal microbiota transplant to get missing butyrate species back in small numbers but there are a number of issues I have with the procedure including the safety of the donor samples and some of the preparation they require patients to make including having a colonic lavage which could worsen things.

Any idea what b. f. stands for? Cannot find it anywhere.

Have you done a test for osteoporosis?
You could have bone resorption or turnover problems resulting in osteoporosis.
These beta crosslaps could be responsible for degradation of type 1 collagen. I wonder if POIS raises this parameter.
I will at least check osteocalcin and Beta cross laps for myself. Keep us up to date whenever you decide to get a faecal microbiota transplant.

b/f = brain fog


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