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Update on my husband's experience with the previously mentioned pre-pack:

Pre-pack includes: Quercetin 500 mg, turmeric curcumin 500 mg (black pepper 3 mg), green tea extract 315 mg, magnesium 167 mg (with Calcium 333 mg, vitamin D3 200 IU), flaxseed oil 1000 mg x2, lycopene 10 mg and sleep supplement 'Olly' x2 of melatonin 1.5 mg/L-theanine 50 mg/Chamomile/Passionflower/Lemon balm.

Other background: he also takes duloxetine 30 mg

We've now tried using the pre-pack for 3 of my cycles and each time it has made a significant difference for him. He even used it after a nocturnal emission and found it helpful after the fact. The most recent week of use he ejaculated 3x in about a week period. From the last ejaculation to feeling back to normal was about 72 hours (previously around 7 days from last ejaculation). For example the latest time, symptoms were anywhere from 40-80% reduced during the majority of his period of being unwell and gradually improved to 95% reduced on the last evening. He did not have tramacet available the last two times but still did relatively well.

What he found additionally helpful was taking taurine 500 mg before taking a nap for ~2h - prior to the nap he would be experiencing only 40% reduction in symptoms and then after the nap maybe 80% reduction, so he was taking taurine and naps regularly throughout this time (he works from home and has a flexible schedule so this was doable). He also took the sleep supplements (Olly) every night as well. His sleep was much more restorative than previously! Additionally he went for regular massage therapy and physiotherapy (thanks work benefits!) which helped with his POIS pain symptoms. He also took regular Tylenol (though not sure how much this actually helped).

Overall - this is a gamechanger!

Thanks for this great update, Psy !   It is very detailed and gives useful information for other members.
It is a great example of how to customize one's pre-pack and overall method.   When something is helping, like taurine + a 2hrs nap, you included it in your overall method.  Another example is not having included 5-HTP, which is a serotonin precursor, because your husband takes duloxetine, which already boosts serotonin.  What you have shared will help others figure out what it means to customize our pre-pack to our own situation.

Since the pre-pack method and overall approach has been efficient for your husband for more than 3 months now, I have included a reference to him in my POIS Types Chart, in the pre-pack method section, along with a reference to your 3-months update (see at

Good luck to you and your husband with your project of having a child!
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Awesome, thanks Quantum!


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Do you know which supplements stopped your low blood pressure? I also have this and it accounts for basically 75% of my pois.


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Do you know which supplements stopped your low blood pressure? I also have this and it accounts for basically 75% of my pois.

Hi Gillguy,
  • One of the main is green tea, which I discovered early on when I was way younger. I prefer green tea to caffeine because coffee makes me more anxious, and this was also one of my main POIS symptoms.  There is L-Theanine in green tea, which helps remain calm. I take green tea in capsules of standardized dosage, or I drink iced green tea.
  • 5-HTP is also very good at raising blood pressure.  In the stack of supplements I take before O, I have 50mg of 5-HTP, and it helps a lot to keep my blood pressure normal if taken at least 30 minutes before ejaculation.  I can add 25mg more later if my blood pressure drops too low during the 24 to 48 hours following ejaculation.
  • Salt, obviously, is also a great way to raise blood pressure, if you do not have kidney problems.  Salted water is cheap and very effective to raise blood pressure.   For tolerance/taste, you have to see what one is able to take.  I can take 1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water with no problem.  It takes about 20 to 30 mins to show results on the blood pressure monitor.
  • I also like the effect of rosemary essential oil ( one drop in some water), but less potent the 3 above.
If I notice that my BP is becoming borderline low ( which is for me, something like 107/68), I take one or more of the above. Once my diastolic ( the second, smaller figure) raises at 70 or higher, I feel ok.

Having no more hypotension and extreme fatigue is in itself a great, great success for me in POIS control, and can be accounted as a 50% relief at least.  Hypotension has been causing me a lot of fatigue, lightheadedness, intolerance to exercise, cold sweat, depressive feelings, a sense of powerlessness, trouble going through my day at work, and so on.
You are 100% responsible for what you do with anything I post on this forum and of any consequence it could have for you.  Forum rule: ""Do not use POISCenter as a substitute for, or to give, medical advice" Read the remaining part at


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Do you know which supplements stopped your low blood pressure? I also have this and it accounts for basically 75% of my pois.
If nothing works:


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Can you help me understand if Quercetin raises or lowers vitamin b6 and b12 ? and how much ?

I seem to remember a website where it was said they were lowered but I can't find it anymore.
I have found here
that it inhibits CYP3A4, don't know if it matters
To my knowledge, there is no interaction between vitamin b6 and b12, and quercetin.

CYP3A4 is not an issue with B vitamins, but there will be an interaction with the drugs eliminated by this liver enzyme.  However, quercetin is only a weak inhibitor fo CYP3A4 ( see for details)

Thank you. I asked because last year I developed a neuropathy (electric zap in 1 foot and a feeling of light internal trembling all over the body) after consuming an excessive amount of vitamin B6.
I was extremely worried when those symptoms started. I consumed 50mg a day which seemed very safe according to the US FDA daily upper limit of 100 mg, but later I found out that in Europe the upper limit is only 25mg and in UK even lower at just 10mg, so there seem to be major concerns about this Vitamin B6 which incredibly the US FDA doesn't know/understand.

Luckily my neuropathy resolved after some months but I have been in contact with people with B6 toxicity who had it for years and can't get out, like a neurological permanent damage.  :-\  :-\

So I'd like to try quercetin for my POIS but after reading it might create tingling/neuropathy I am a bit worried. I have also found out quercetin significantly inhibits iron absorption, which by itself can create anemia and neuropathy, yes I guess this can be fixed by iron supplements but overall I am bit worried.

this is very hard to figure out, first what do you mean by neuropathy its not a description of anything

were u getting ticks in your muscles
were you getting irregular contraction of muscles
were u experiencing temperature differently it hot is cold cold is hot
were u getting pins and needles
did u had pain in muscle after that
was it electricity that you feel from the socket or is it more like a pressure on your blood vessel
did you get any bruising on skin after that
did your skin went numb
did your skin got painful
were you dehydrated/did you had too much salt
do you have any other disease

and is quercetin an iron antagonist, is it even in a active form to occupy iron absorbing receptor in the intestine probably no. are there iron antagonist yes tea and coffee are iron antagonist cause they pass though stomach acid much faster and retain active compounds more so it depends did you consume quercetin in a liquid form on an empty stomach even then we dont know even if its present in high enough doses in your diet. if you are consuming it with food not with any other iron antagonist, its unlikely to affect iron absorption enough to cause iron deficiency

and is b6 neurotoxic could be, it depends even more
what kind of neuro toxicity - inhibitor
is it a b6 receptor antagonist - no
is it a demyelanating agent - no
is it a autophagic agent of neurons - no
is it a receptor binding agent of a neuron and if so which neuron - no
is it inhibitor of a neuron receptor - yes
is it neuron receptor binding agent - no

whats b6's half life and how are you consuming it in the first place if from food its probably not nerotoxic

if from supplement b6 as a inhibitor can prevent signals to pass through a nueron effectively, what will be the result, some signals wont pass, will it disable the neuron no, will it bind it its receptors no, will it demylate the neuron no, what kind of symptoms will you get :-
spasms, inability to control muscles accurately, alcohol like effect on movement, dizziness, foggy vision,numb or enhanced effect on senses ie temperature, touch, hearing, could experience some tick like movement, no electrical shocks, no cognitive symptoms, no metabolic symptoms, upset stomach, usually no cardiac symptoms

so what kind of neuro toxicity does it produce can it be permanent yes but unlikely how fast can you recover from it within 24 hours, could it have permanent damage on your neurons unlikely but possible, can you get electric shocks from this kind of inhibitor well very very unlikely but yes(its most most probably not from this) it could be you actually had ingested another neuro toxin along with b6 which caused the electric shock

this is only for education not anything official