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Hi! I would like to introduce myself as one young man who must show you gratitude, because i have read your post in the naked scientist forum several weeks ago and that has helped me a lot!(I discovered it from a news article about "sex can make men sick" from late Januray). Well, i think i could have POIS because i had the symptoms after every Orgasm since i was 18-19 YR maybe, sometimes more, sometimes less.
I think there must be several factors about this syndrome, and a good sleep and sunny days usually diminishes the severity.
I began to take garlic cloves and the result was immediate... specially with the brain fog *AFTER* the orgasm. If you take them *BEFORE* you have less (-70,80%) POIS symptoms after O, at least in my case. And then, was Fenugreek´s time. Seriously, it´s amazing. Taking it, AFTER or BEFORE the orgasm(i take only 1 capsule), i have experienced no POIS. Moreover, If you try to take FENUGREEK+Garlic it gives you a more enhanced mind and an increase of cognitive functions(and i am talking about this after and before orgasm, it doesn´t matter).

I want to thank you about this, because it´s for sure that i would never get this genial idea from my own. This forum and the other will be useful for more people, i hope. :)

Hi Observer! Welcome.

Pretty good choice for where to put this post, as several persons have noted that fenugreek seems to be influencial in the production of progestins if I'm not mistaken. I'll go back and look, and perhaps meantime someone here who is clearer on it can reiterate.

Perhaps the exact reason why it works may not be entirely clear, but I hope to get to a point where we can make some very positive movement in following up on more technical aspects.

There are overlap areas as well where certain hormones like testosterone in combination with progestins can halt sperm production, which is one of the factors highly considered to be influencial in the cause of alergic reactions.

But, also, we have still seen effects of hormones like progesterone and or testosterone, whether from natural sources or not, that drastically reduce POIS symptoms and which don;t seem to be associated to the "allergy theory".

For my money, fenugreek is one of those that is more hormone associated than "allergy related".


Many Naked Science POIS discussions about fenugreek here!

and garlic!...............................................................................

Vincent M:
I've also noticed that garlic helps my POIS. I've found that garlic milk made from adding crushed garlic cloves to a glass of milk is a natural remedy for nerve pain and this also seems to help me. It also makes me ponder the effect POIS has on the nervous system.

I think I'll order some fenugreek now since I have yet to try it.

*EDIT* - Finally just ordered some 620mg Solaray brand Fenugreek. I'll let you guys know if it helps.


--- Quote from: Vincent Marcus on April 01, 2011, 07:14:13 PM ---
*EDIT* - Finally just ordered some 620mg Solaray brand Fenugreek. I'll let you guys know if it helps.

--- End quote ---

VM, we thank you very much for sharing your future results with all of us!


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