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Hello everyone,

I am starting a new thread on behalf of the mod's team so you can post factual and real data from your analysis and tests (blood,. We would like to thank Muon for his advice, as we think it would be easiers for us and future researchers to compile data about the syndrome.

In this way, I would like to remember everyone who is in touch with doctors or medical institutions to let them know about our RFP. Without it, we would not be able to start a new research about POIS.

I will be selecting the info on the forum and adding more resources in the coming days.

Very Important Update:



Well here's mine:
It's an EGG scan on my brain for brain inflammation diagnosis.

Thanks Nas for sharing these results.

Emirnazim had a Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) performed on him and he also shared his results:


 this EEG og EMIR , 26 years old , was recorded by MITSAR amplifier (19 channel) and CLINICAL Q assessment in three conditions :  Eye closed , Eyes open , and during cognitive challenge . the findings were following  :

1- his EEG was LOW VOLTAGE . this pattern is not necessarily abnormal  (however ,question about alcohol consumption).
Hence , relative power rather than absolute power must be interpreted .

2- ALPHA   blocking was not observed  .Alpha power was low especially at posterior site .

3- Alpha Peak  frequency was also  LOW at  Cz.

4- THETA/BETA  ratio was LOW in both  EO and  EC conditions at  O1.

5- Percentage pf Theta /Beta ratio from EO to EC was LOW .

6- Theta/SMR ratio is HIGH  at Cz .

7-HIGH BETA/BETA ratio  is HIGH at  Fz.

Abovementioned  patterns  are correlated to :   Mental Sluggishness , Visual memory problems ,sleep difficulties , probe for poor stress tolerance ,  '' RACING'' thoughts , anxiety , inefficient self-quieting , OC tendencies , inability to sit still or quiet body , busy brain .

Neurofeedback + Cognitive  training is recommended .

See here:

You can also find here Habibou's blood/urine tests results. They measured certain neurotransmitters both before and after the Orgasm.

January 2011

Blood :
-adrenaline           <0.50 nmol/l         < 1.00
-noradrenaline        8.53 nmol/l       < 4.00                              1443 ng/l      < 675
-dopamine            <0.50 nmol/l         <1.00

Unrina during 24h :

-adrenaline       0.02 umol/l           < 0.10
-noradrenaline   0.42 umol/l          < 0.50
-dopamine        1.34 umol/l           < 3.00

All the blood tests were done 2 hours after an O.
The red standards are the unusual ones !

January 2012 :
ONLY Urina test, morning 10 hours after an O:

DOPA                      91.50 ug/g  (160 - 240)
34DOPAC                       0.40 mg/g    (0.70 - 4.00)
HVA                          1.90 mg/g    (2.43 - 5.20)
NORADRENALIN          10.30 ug/g   (15.70 - 34.30)
MHPG                          1.50 mg/g  (1.38 - 4.15)
VMA                            1.60 mg/g  (2.10 - 3.85)
ADRENALIN                  0.98  ug/g  (1.27 - 6.10)
SEROTONIN                62.40  ug/l   (61.50 - 116.80)
5HIAA                        2.30    mg/g (2.03 - 4.26)
HVA5HIAA                  0.83            (1.25 - 2.56)


Feel free to share your blood tests results here. It could be a good idea to organize them  - first the old ones, and then, the new ones!

A dropbox link containing my lab results for a wide variety of parameters can be found inside the thread below:


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