Author Topic: My POIS seems to be cured now that I'm tackling my UARS  (Read 17006 times)


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Re: My POIS seems to be cured now that I'm tackling my UARS
« Reply #15 on: July 27, 2016, 01:13:18 PM »
Sorry to hear that.
10 years of significant POIS-reduction, treatment consisting of daily (365 days/year) testosterone patches.

TRT must be checked out carefully with your doctor due to fertility, cardiac and other risks.

40+ years of severe 4-days-POIS, married, raised a family, started/ran a business


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Re: My POIS seems to be cured now that I'm tackling my UARS
« Reply #16 on: October 24, 2020, 01:31:17 PM »
Yet another lengthy post from me - sorry!

Freedom4everyone: very interesting that you should mention this website. A couple of years back I dedicated several months to practicing the Buteyko method and for a while I enjoyed incredible benefits, but sadly those faded and I ended up ditching it. I know however that if I can just reduce my breathing I will, as you say, get infinitely better, but the fact is that save for a glorious 3 month period back in 2011 when I achieved just that and had the best 3 month spell of my life by far, I haven't been able to repeat the feat. Given what I say now regarding UARS, I think Buteyko has lost a little of its relevance since it's so centered on nasal breathing, which is what my obstruction is preventing me from doing properly. 

I just wanted to wrap up this theory of mine concerning UARS - to anyone who's interested, now or in future - with a more informed explanation of what for me at least has been the cause of POIS. I do believe this will apply to others, though how many I don't know.

I have an upper airways respiratory obstruction (partial nose blockage) caused by a combination of a deviated septum, an enlarged turbinate and (asymptomatic) rhinitis. I wasn't aware of any of this until I recently had an ENT check-up and a facial CT scan, following a sleep study that showed I exhibited 'respiratory effort').

This upper airways obstruction makes me susceptible to a sleep disorder called Upper Airways Resistance Syndrome (UARS). The symptoms of UARS are eerily like those of POIS (though here I am not referring so much to those POIS sufferers whose symptoms strike immediately post arousal/orgasm but to those like myself whose start the next day, last typically for 3-7 days and then vanish) - namely daytime tiredness, often extreme mental sluggishness/ brain fog, irritability, light and noise sensitivity, fibromyalgia (in my case upper arm and shoulder pain), polyuria especially nocturia etc, and depression and anxiety secondary to this. That's without mentioning perhaps the most important symptom which is a constant pressure across the front of the face/bridge of the nose.

My theory is that...and I know this sounds outlandish, but please hear me theory is that sexual arousal aggravates upper airways blockage, causing UARS and its symptoms (which incidentally have much in common with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and indeed could easily said to be CFS). There is a documented link between nasal congestion and sexual arousal. From the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine: "The turbinates of the nose contain erectile tissue and nasal stuffiness during sexual activity is a well known phenomenon Other interesting links include or (read first paragraph on vasomotor rhinitis) and

Since taking steps to deal with my UARS, my POIS has gone. Factors like lateral (as opposed to supine) sleeping, using nose strips, nasal sprays, avoiding late-in-the-day exercise etc have helped, but the silver bullet seems to be to take Loratadine (Claritin) just before bedtime (it must be then). I'm having surgery to fix my deviated septum and turbinates next week. My recommendation, if you feel any of this might be of relevance, is not to experiment with Claritin or self-treat UARS but to visit a doctor and see if you have an upper airways/rhinitis issue.

I am, by the way, one of those for whom Niacin really worked. I speculate that ths is because of its vasodilatory effect which, so long as the flush happens at a set time before the orgasm, somehow protects the nose (and other parts of the body with erectile tissue) from subsequent arousal and/or orgasm induced inflammation.

Incidentally, if you have your latest - or any - blood test to hand, take a look at the eosinophil count. Others with POIS, and myself, have reported high counts, which are consistent with rhinitis - though normal counts don't discount it either.         
I want to sign off on a philosophical note. I firmly believe that the answer (or answers) to POIS lie, if not on this page, then on these pages in general (of the Forum, I mean). Maybe its because I'm a (undistinguished) scientist myself, but I think that more than outside scientific thinking and rigor what's needed is essentially for someone to pour over these pages from start to finish to identify links, patterns etc. We are the experts on POIS and we hold the answers.
During edging/arousal/after O it feels as breathing isn't as deep and sometimes during edging nose gets stuffy.