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Re: Is just thinking enough?
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Thanks for your story Eliasjoelrivera! I believe that stress and anxiousness do play an important factor in developing POIS. But it all comes down to hormones. Although cortisol is the major stress hormone, we should not blame it for causing POIS. As stress progressens the adrenals (who make cortisol) work overtime, secreting and storing cortisol.

In the earlier stages of stress the cortisol levels increase and so does other hormones that are secreeted at the same time from the adrenals to balance cortiols catabolic effects (DHEA, aldosterone). Common problems in this stage is dry and oily skin (excess sebum because of exceess cortisol) and acne, hair loss and hot flashes.

When adrenals wear out the anabolic hormones gets low before cortisol does (because cortisol is so important to stay alive - you will die in 48 hours if you don't get enought cortisol). Cortisol production is still hight. This means weakened muscles and strength beause of lack of anabolic hormones.

Finally cortisol storage also get low so you don't produce enough to control the inflammation that is caused by the POIS. What exacly causes the POIS I don't know, but probably a hormone that is released during orgasm (prolactin maybe?). Cortisol/DHEA/aldesterone are suppose to take care of this inflammation unless enough of oxytocin is beeing released, which of cause is the case when there is body-contact. So in this perspective the sollution to POIS is:

1. Less stress (rebuild the adrenals). Meditate, walk in the nature, swimming, sun, vacation (many get relief of POIS during vacation).
2. Stimulate anabolic hormones like testosterone by exercise and do weight lifting (and supplement with zink, ashwaghanda, maca and magnesium etcetera).
3. Just have normal sex, don't masterbate and avoid nocturnal emissions by not watching porn and turn of the TV/smartphone/computer two hours before bedtime.
4. Stimulate cortisol by beeing out in the sunlight at least 30 minutes a day, take vitamin C, acetylcarnitine, licorice and avoid cortisols negative catabolic effects by eating a diet with hight protein and low carbohydrate. Just eat meat and vegetables/green sallads with some fat sauce. Don't eat potatoes/rice/pasta/bread/sweets/wheat).
5. Take lots of Omega 3 (at least two tablespoons a day) to combat inflammation and stimulate the flow of sebum in the follicles. Also try ginger and curcumin.

This is helping me. Specially the Omega 3 and vitamin C (about 2000-4000 mg/dag).

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