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Adaptogens and Nootropics
« on: December 29, 2016, 06:21:20 AM »
Since I had I really rough time in the past months I tried some things to improve my overall state. I tried a lot which didnt work or made my condition worse like DHEA for example. But I found some things that really helped my mental state - which is the worst part of POIS at least for me. Since the past months were very stressful and my sleep was messed up even worse and I felt like crap all day I thought my cortisol levels must be through the roof and I was low on dopamin. So I tried adaptogens to balance the cortisol levels out and get rid of depression and anxiety. What  helped was the combination of Ashwagandha in the evening and Rhodiola in the morning. With Ashwgandha by itself I didnt noticed a real improvement. By adding Rhodiola it was an immediate improvement. Maybe it is just the Rhodiola.
Since I had the feeling due tomy crash with DHEA that my hormones were total out of balance I tried to not ejaculate as long as possible - so I had breaks of between 4 and 6 weeks for some months now.
I also tried a lot of amino Acids. Most do nothing. I tried to drink a lot of whey Protein shakes like suggested on the Naked scientist Blog but it seemed to make me feel even worse. I read to much protein can lead to higher level of depression cause of lesser tryptophan levels.
I also thought maybe a leaky gut could be the the cause of POIS since I have some gut  or stomache related issues so I tried to get a lot of L Glutamine what didnt help.
The last Amino Acid I wanted to try was l Theanine. By itself it didnt help but when taking it before drinking coffee it made me really feel good. This combination is the most known nootropic. Recently I added MCT Oil and Butter to it which makes it a so called Bulletproof Coffee. I have to say I am not a coffee drinker cause its just makes me jittery but this combination makes me feel very alert.
Another nootropic I take and what seems to help is Bacopa (Brahmi) which should be helpful against Anxiety and Depression and should improve memory function.
Last thing I took was Phenibut which is the only thing which is kind of dangerous when  taken to often - since it is addictive and you can get withdrawl symptoms.
This is surely no cure for POIS but it surely helps in my case, though I am not long on this regime.
But my overall state is much better and I am sleeping much better. Bad sleep makes my symptoms so much worse.
The other day I ejacultated after one month break. Usually I sleep okay the first night afterwards. On the second night I almost dont sleep at all and on the third day I am usually in rage mode and get angry very fast but can sleep that night again. This is my usual POIS pattern regarding my mood and sleep. Not mentioning the other symptoms...
This time I slept well the first night. I took 500 mg Phenibut for the second night and slept like a baby in that night and the third day I was not getting in rage mode as well.
The first day after the ejaculation I my body felt sick and I got brain fogged but I didnt get much of the anxiety and depression. It was more like being in a dumber state and being not able to think as fast as when not in POIS state. But I was kind of relaxed. I still was sensitive to cold or heat and it still feels like an allergic reaction or spreading bacterial infection in my bod?  but at least the mental sides are much better. Sleeping on the second night made me feel better on the day afterwards. So the cycle of feeling bad isnt that long.

So what I do now:
Rhodiola in the morning. Afterwards 200 mg of L theanine with a Bulletproof coffee on empty stomach
Bacopa during lunchtime
Ashwagandha at night
1 time a week phenibut - I plan to take it the evening after ejaculation (it needs 3 hours to work)
I take stuff like Magnesium, zinc, etc as well. I will add Choline as well.
I take the adaptogens for balancing the hormones. The nootropics should also help my memory and brain functions. If you want to try one of the things google it beforehand. Phenibut seems to be  the only thing that can be dangerous if not taken cautiously.


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Re: Adaptogens and Nootropics
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2016, 02:04:56 PM »
Hi Dan,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with different supplements, whether you had success or not.  That may prove useful for other members.

L-theanine is very useful for me too.  It is great for anxiety and other emotional symptoms.

Magnesium have always been of help for me against POIS.

Let us know in a few months if your current regimen is still effective.

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