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White tongue

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How your tongue looks like? Mine is white, it gets better in the afternoon but in the morning it looks always like a yest infection. I tried nystatin but it doent work.

I get it from time to time and it usually is evenly dispersed creamy type of plague, probably due to smoking.

when i ealt less carb and less sugar in a course of a week, my white tounge reduces alot.   So i know it has something to do with yeast.

Have you tried candex+grape juice extract, that is what an md prescribed for me.

Interesting! I've seen a lot of evidence here that shows people have white tongues, myself included. I've noticed my tongue also gets whiter and thicker coated after an ejaculatory orgasm. I had a stool test conducted recently and it showed I had a Nystatin-resistant strain of Candida species. I wonder if anyone else has had the same thing?

Vincent M:
I don't get white tongue. Although I really just checked right now for the first time, but I'm pretty sure I've looked at my tongue before and have never noticed white on it.


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