Author Topic: Do I have POIS or is it something else? 2 symptoms: Depression and Insomnia  (Read 2900 times)


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It seems that my main symptoms post orgasm are insomnia and a depressed/sad mood (though not always), slight fatigue and lower motivation.

However it seems like I would only get insomnia if I orgasm right before I sleep or 1-2 hours before. I think I have ejaculated in the day before and the same night I could sleep fine. Thought I'm not sure. I ejaculated during the day today, 2:47pm to be exact and I am currently not experiencing any symptoms. Maybe slight fatigue. Will report back if I do get insomnia tonight.

I first noticed POIS symptoms when I NE'd, and I felt severely fatigued and could not get out of bed and get on with my day. But I think If I NE presently fingers crossed I would not experience the same severity of symptoms apart from maybe sluggishness and mild brain fog. So it looks like the severity of my symptoms have dissipated over this past year. But everything for me seems unpredictable and it is possible for my symptoms to worsen again due to the volatile le nature of this condition.  Will have to report back on that as well.

What do you guys think?

PS: Sorry if my writing is bad, I'm feeling very tired at the moment,.

EDIT: was feeling extra down/depressed today. Pretty sure it's due to my recent O's and resulting insomnia. I guess I do have POIS.
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From the description it seems you may be in the early stages of POIS. For me it got worse as the years progressed, it could get worse for you or may stay same way. I sleep like a log when in POIS (like 9 to 10 hours) and still feel unrefreshed, but I know of a few POISers who have insomnia issues. So symptoms may differ from person to person. But if your symptoms are triggered following an orgasm then it most likely is POIS.
33 years old, POIS for around 12 years with increasing severity.
Major symptoms - Severe fatigue, back pain, unrefreshed even after 9+ hours sleep, pain behind eyes, very dry face, bald head with inflamed scalp, digestion issues and constipation. Very low testosterone and high glucose in blood tests


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maybe too low dopamine ?