Author Topic: Gem: Vagus Nerve drugs listed here from cfs/fms research  (Read 1794 times)

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Gem: Vagus Nerve drugs listed here from cfs/fms research
« on: July 15, 2016, 07:20:10 AM »
Once again good info coming from cousin Cfs/ Fms.

Read article please. Better yet peruse other articles and you will find lots of good info that I believe could also apply to POIS.

Note that this is NOT a suugestion you for try this drugs   Just good info related to vagus and what doctors may use to affect it.

"A bevy of drugs, many of which have not been tried ME/CFS or FM, can improve parasympathetic nervous system functioning. They do so either by blocking aceytlcholine from being degraded (e.g. Mestinon), or by increasing acetylcholine release, or by inhibiting sympathetic nervous system activity.
Reversible parasympathomimetic drugs include Donepezil, Edrophonium, Neostigmine, Physostigmine, Pyridostigmine, Rivastigmine, Tacrine, Caffeine (non-competitive) and Huperzine A."
Bookmark site. Lots of gems here.

Simultaneous onset of CFS and POIS since Feb 1993. Married since 1989.

Helped by Immunocal (I explained how to take in previous posts).  Some relief on day one and day two.  It affects neurotransmitters.