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Going less Crazy:
*****page continuously updated*****

4/21/23*** successfully reintroduced straight eggs and mayonnaise. Udis GF white bread and Udis GF whole grain bread I can now eat. Still 100% gluten free. That's all I can think of now.

2/18/21*** haven't updated in a while. Diet still works though some changes. I now only eat Goya pinto beans instead of the black beans, seems more easily digestible. B beans seem to contribute to brain fog if my gut is not 100% ready to handle them. Found a white bread I can eat no problem. It's ShopRite gf white bread with only potato and tapioca starch as main ingredients. Reese's no longer give me red eyes. Asparagus to avoid. I will do a quick run through now of the diet below and edit.

*  My plans for the future: colonoscopy, continually test foods and expand diet.

***Update: scope of my small intestine showed no problems. So if I had celiac I am intestinally healed now.

I'd recommend for those who believe diet to be a cause to start off doing strict AIP at least for a  month and see if you do better.  After you can try reintroducing certain foods.  This diet is a bit of a modified aip diet.  It's my personal template of foods I can/can't eat.

Long story short... I am ALL GRAIN and DAIRY free with some additional sensitivities (nightshades).  Avoiding all of this I am 100%.  I continuously update this page to expand my diet.

*** Highlighted foods I eat a lot on a near daily basis

***The Eat/Avoid/Careful list is always up to date, contrary to some updates that may have changed (rarely)


^ explains my problem with cross reactive foods and gluten sensitivity, however, not all bodies are the same.  One person can tolerate one food and another may not, both with a gluten sensitivity.  For example I can have potatoes with no problem.


^ some hope for a vaccine for those with celiac.  BTW diarrhea is not the norm for diagnosis anymore (I never had that symptom until removal/reintroduction of wheat and certain foods). I am NOT diagnosed celiac though it is highly suspected.


^ food and mood


^ add your diet into the website and figure out nutrients/calories.

So I definitely have some form of IBD at the source of this problem.  I don't know if it's celiac, crohns, or something else.  I don't have bloody stool, just very bad mood, gut pain and POIS if I eat bad foods.  I will get a colonoscopy or something along those lines in the future.

*** A change in flavor, size bag, brand could mean a change in tolerability.  Take note of EXACTLY what you eat.

Avoid in order of importance:
- gluten (pain, shit mood, insomnia)
- nightshades (crap mood mostly, insomnia, pois, some nightshades worse than others)
- corn (mainly insomnia)
- dairy
- brown rice (some pain, although no insomnia)
- any other known sensitivities
*** Wild salmon to eat, farm raised salmon to avoid (gut pain some damn reason) too lazy now to add to list

3/18/19*** removed Johnsonville sweet Italian sausage.  Added la consenta refried pinto beans. Old El paso refried pinto beans to avoid.

2/18/19*** Johnsonville sweet Italian sausage to eat

10/30*** twinnings camomile to avoid

9/23*** kinnikinnick chocolate chip cookies to eat, kinnikinnick biscuits to eat.  Almond breeze almond milk to eat... Nightshades will cause pois if eaten before orgasm (white potatoes are taboo... limit these)

8/19*** Sorgum to avoid (similar reaction to gluten)

7/2/18*** peaches to avoid for now (citrus)

6/13*** cumin to eat, curry to avoid, black pepper to eat, coconut oil to avoid, limit butter.

6/6 *** soy sauce to avoid (soy obviously),. Jasmine enriched long grain white rice to eat

4/24*** garden of eatin yellow corn chips to eat (minimal problems)

4/9/18*** removed due to possible other trigger.

4/7*** removed due to possible other trigger

3/19*** ShopRite premade GF chili to eat (limit...it has nightshades (tomato))  I think it's called heartland chili or something, in the premade soup section, tested 3x, I will update this later...it comes in plastic container.

2/21*** added oven-baked eggs to eat( in baked goods, not just pure eggs)(standard is eggs baked at 350 F for at least 30 minutes.  I tolerate eggs baked at 325 for 34 minutes in the brownie recipe, also tested on other GF betty crocker recipes.  Egg proteins break down in extensive heat, hence why 80% of egg-allergic people can tolerate oven-baked eggs.  For me, oven baked eggs is no problem.  However, fried eggs or stove-top cooked eggs I get symptoms.  I've been testing this for a while.)

2/20*** natural 100% Mott's apple juice to avoid (gut pain, bad mood... From sugar? The "cloud" in the juice?  I don't know)

2/16*** pure maple syrup to eat.  Blackberries to eat.

2/15**** jalapenos to eat, small amounts, not every day (help with energy and brain fog)

2/4**** cape cod regular chips and cape cod jalapeno chips to eat for now.  I remember trying these without reaction and I just ate both without reaction.  They are GF and made on dedicated lines.  They are good for now.  Get original size... Not sure if party size is made somewhere else.

2/3 **** I f**ked up.  Utz regular potato chips to avoid.  I was reacting to them all along and may have blamed the other flavors of almond milk on my symptoms.  Still looking for a good potato chip brand I can eat as I know I can eat white potatoes.  May be reacting to the utz either from the oil they use (cottonseed) or cross contamination as they have shared lines.  I will try cape cod chips made with dedicated lines and canola oil next. I'll update when I do.

1/31*** BBQ utz moved to avoid (gut pain/cloudy urine from additives)

1/25*** silk almond milk to avoid (pain for some reason), ShopRite kitchen original almond milk to eat, vanilla flavor also to avoid... general update.

1/23*** Fresh (not in microwaveable bag or anything that can add chemicals) Eastern white potatoes to eat, utz BBQ chips to careful.  Chia seeds to avoid.

1/18 *** ocean spray cranberries to avoid (very small amounts ok)

1/17**** utz wavy original potato chips to eat

1/16 **** lays sour cream and onion chips to avoid

*** 1/11/18 **** avoid all squash, Orville redenbacher popcorn (got away with eating regal Cinema popcorn tho without many symptoms) to avoid, BC pancakes to avoid, BC brownies to careful.

12/23*** butternut and spaghetti squash to avoid (causes bad mood)

12/7 *** Basil (herb) to avoid (causes bad mood, gut pain and brain fog, i may have some allergy to it). Also considering moving the Betty crocker foods to eat as they are causing no issues over multiple uses.

11/26 *** Betty crocker GF pancakes to eat/careful.  Betty crocker GF chocolate chip cookies to eat/careful.

11/11**** Betty crocker GF yellow cake to careful (no problems).  Bigelow tea to probably avoid (gut pain, ulcers... think it is caused by the Bigelow tea but not 100% sure)

10/30*** edited honey to eat... only the clear, non-raw kind to eat.

10/29**** Betty crocker gluten free brownies to careful.

10/20*** A2 milk to avoid (same reaction as regular milk), Celestial seasonings chamomile to drink/eat.  Farm Promise ground sausage to eat.  Perdue chicken breast and thighs to eat.

10/16*** Chicken of the sea canned salmon to avoid (cross contamination of something).  Spearmint Pur Gum to eat.

10/14*** It's highly possible a few foods listed to avoid (ex:green beans) I've only had trouble with because of how it was processed.  All grains and dairy are still definite sensitivities.  Added cooking oils to avoid.

9/22*** tapioca to avoid

9/13***. Avoid mayonnaise (eggs), caused pale mouth sores

9/11 *** added farm promise ground beef to eat

8/15 *** try to limit nightshades if you notice a problem with them (white potato, tomato...).  Cooler ranch Doritos to "careful".  Pat lafrieda sausage to eat.

8/13 *** premio sweet Italian sausage to eat

6/23 *** nectarines to avoid (mouth ulcers/gut pain...too acidic? Cauliflower to avoid (had very bad pain, funny I could eat this before the diet without noticeable intestinal pain. Watermelon to eat.  Cantaloupe to eat.  Snickers to careful.  Salmon/other fish to eat.

Update 6/17**** careful with too much olive oil, don't put tbsp after tbsp in food just for calories.  Too much oil can cause inflammation even though it is healthy.

Update 5/31and 6/2**** general update

Update 5/23*** added dum dum lollipops

Update 5/17*** added farm promise slow smoked applewood/hardwood uncured bacon

Update 5/3*** added gold's chicken (orange duck) sauce

Update 4/5*** celery to eat, mangos to avoid, tapioca and coconut flour possibly to eat

Update 3/13*** blueberries to avoid.  May have a personal intolerance to them.

Update 3/3 *** removed utz sweet potato chips (feels inflammatory and bad mood after). *** I'm going to give each food a month now, or a good amount of time before I add them in.*** Limit sugar intake (white sugar, honey), fruits seem to be OK for me tho

Update 2/28/17 *** added utz sweet potato chips and so delicious dairy free coconut milk ice cream

Update 2/23/17 *** added buckwheat to avoid list

Update 2/14/17 *** added sauerkraut and beets, got rid of kettle brand jalapeno chips

Update 1/27/17 *** added Frank's buffalo sauce and Wendy's chili.  White potatoes not so good and note added.

Update 1/25/17*** added Ken's honey mustard and Perdue ground chicken in 2% solution to avoid.

Update 1/18/17***. Beans no longer cause me brain fog or any problems in regard to pois.  I believe my gut has healed a good amount.  I also started drinking bone broth for gut health. Added tequila. Added Terra sweet potato chips.

 update*** eat Autoimmune Paleo Diet if you want to rid all pois symptoms. (If you think diet may be a cause... but I certain didn't know it was a cause until I changed my diet) My diet may have things like beans but they may cause some sort of inflammation.  If you really want mental relief eat an absolutely autoimmune Paleo diet.  Not sure how long you have to eat that way.  Either forever or until gut heals I do not know at this moment.

Some of these foods I now avoid.  To be specific, white potatoes and maybe beans.  I now follow the aip diet and the relief is 100%. 

HERE IS A GOOD LINK if you are really struggling:

*** beans are okay to eat, however, they may exacerbate POIS symptoms from O.  I'd recommend either olive leaf extract if that works for you, or avoidance of beans the day you plan to orgasm.

 update**** added eggs to avoid list, added a good brand of white rice for those with white rice problems.  Added aspartame to avoid list

Update**** added sour jacks **** added Swedish fish.. added -garlic to avoid list

update**** removed reeses (dairy), added chickpeas to bad foods, added beans and kB jalapeno chips (careful), removed chocolate.

Update***  avoid all grains and all dairy and eggs

Update*** I believe I've had celiac or non celiac gluten sensitivity for about 10 years undiagnosed.  It may be ncgs because I did not show any nutrient deficiencies, which make me believe my villi are intact. However, I will have abdominal pain, mouth ulcers and bad brain fog/irritability from my diet.  I do not really have diarrhea which is a main celiac symptom (another reason I think it may be ncgs) This led me to react to many different things.  As I follow my diet, some sensitivities should clear up, leading to the diet of only gluten avoidance (I hope).  Read the next update.

 update*** If you feel better after fasting, something like this may be for you.  I can O freely now and the only pois symptoms I have revolve around my diet.  I may have celiac, or something similar, undiagnosed for a long long time resulting in pois symptoms.  I only realized this after taking foods away from my diet and reintroducing them, that's the first time I experienced pain in my abdomen.  This may also be for you if you feel significantly worse after eating pasta.  If you fast for 3 days or so (under medical supervision obviously) than O and experience no symptoms, I feel like your diet is the root cause.  The following is just my personal diet, yours will vary.  I'm probably repeating myself.  I feel the root problem is grains Including corn and soy, also other proinflammatory foods.  My suggestion would be start your own food list and add to that, avoiding grains first.  Reintroduce them and if you feel bad you'll know to keep them out.  Keep adding to the list.  I believe my undiagnosed "celiac" led to other food sensitivities which you'll see below.***

Let me start off by saying I had no idea my symptoms (mostly brain fog, irritability, craving for relief) were caused and relieved by my diet.  Of course, orgasm was the worst thing for me to do and caused all symptoms.  I can now O freely.  Over the course of many months I've developed a diet of foods I can eat and foods I can't eat and must avoid.  I have no gastrointestinal symptoms.  Only after reintroducing certain foods I will feel pain.  Right now I am literally 100% with no brain fog.  I can literally function and feel well even after little sleep.  One of the best things is that my eyes are finally clear and I no longer look and feel like an irritable zombie!  They say eyes say a lot about your state of health. Here's the whole food list so far.


-All grains, especially wheat and corn, even gluten free substitutes...I haven't tested every single grain, but for now I avoid them
-Most dairy, some cheese and ice cream okay
-stove-top cooked eggs, hard boiled eggs(heart palps...gut pain, canker sores)
-Carrageenan (gut irritant, gut pain)
-All chips with corn
-Lays potato chips
-Beer, alcohol, wine (obv alcohol should be avoided especially beer.  I may be able to get away with wine but for now I avoid)
-Bananas (definite brain fog)
-applesauce (some applesauce has weird additives, 100% apples is fine)
- chickpeas
- garlic *** update pure garlic now safe
- Aspartame
- Ken's honey mustard dressing (something in it bothers me) *** update: mustard seed actually bothers me
- Perdue ground chicken/turkey in some 2% rosemary solution (may be contaminated with gluten or something else (vinegar and rosemary solution))
- kettle brand jalapeno chips (cooking oils)
- buckwheat
-Utz sweet potato chips (oils)
- shop rite brand organic black beans (may have hidden wheat)
-mouthwash (haven't found one that hasn't bothered me yet, might be because of sucralose but not sure)
-mayonnaise (too much uncooked egg content)
-tapioca *** this seems okay now
-shoprite codfish? (Gluten?)
-portafino tuna(olive oil)
- cooking oils (heavy brain fog)
- Chicken of the sea canned salmon/tuna (cross contamination)
-A2 milk (same reaction as regular milk)
- Raw honey
- Bigelow tea
- Basil (gut pain, brain fog, irritability)*** update: pure basil should be fine though I tend to avoid spices because they contribute to my insomnia
-spaghetti and butternut squash (caused bad mood)
- all squash
- Betty crocker GF pancakes (eggs not cooked well so I actually react, also reacted to it without eggs, rice not cooked high enough? Some other additive?)
- Orville redenbacher popcorn
-lays sour cream and onion chips
-ocean spray cranberries (very small amounts ok)
-chia seeds
-Silk almond milk
-shoprite vanilla flavor almond milk (not sure about this one)
-honey bbq utz chips
-utz wavy original chips (gut pain, red eyes)
-natural 100% Mott's apple juice (bad mood, gut pain)
-soy sauce (soy, gut pain)
-curry (weird mood)
-coconut oil (gut pain, pois)
- peaches (too acidic?)
- twinings camomile
-old El paso refried pinto beans
- Johnsonville sweet Italian sausage

So what is possible to eat??  Here is a detailed list of all foods you CAN eat if you follow this diet.  I do go into detail, because I literally test everything.  Forgive me of the order.

I highlighted foods green that I eat a lot and/or on a "daily" basis

-shoprite EMPIRE Apples *** apples seem taboo to me now, hit or miss with pain
-Almond milk (without carrageenan) (drink the ShopRite ORIGINAL version, as silk brand causes pain for some reason) *** I now avoid almond milk because the b12 they now put in it keeps me up at night.
-Roast Beef
-Tuna (without soy)
-gluten free Ground Beef
-Yams/sweet potato (eat this instead of white potato)
-white potato (limit if sensitive to nightshades)
-Manhattan clam chowder soup (contains soy tho, but I haven't noticed a reaction, for now I will not eat it since it provides only 200 calories)
-vegetable juice
-carrot juice
-Green Beans
-Tomatoes (limit if nightshade sensitive)
-Asparagus *** update: caused me brain fog last time
-GF chicken wings (grain free without carrageenan)
-Tomato sauce/paste (low amounts)(be careful of grain additives)
-honey (only the clear, non-raw honey without pollen grains)
-chick fil a French fries (make sure it's a dedicated fryer)
-chick fil a gluten free salads (never had a problem with the main grilled salad, I get the acv dressing and I don't eat the nuts or granola or blueberries)
-Kraft creamy Italian dressing
-balsamic vinaigrette
-French dressing (wishbone) *** they now add mustard so now I avoid.
-pineapple (small amount)
-Ken's Apple cider vinaigrette (so good)
-black beans (GOYA or Bush's brand)*** update: can be tough to digest and contribute to brain fog if your gut isn't ready for them.
-olive oil (small amounts you would normally eat, don't put tbsp after tbsp, this will eventually cause inflammation I believe, just like any other fat.  I've had multiple problems with olive oil and I only put a dash in food during SOME meals now)
- Terra sweet potato chips
- Wendy's chili
- sauerkraut
-golds duck sauce
-coconut flour
- farm promise slow smoked applewood/hardwood uncured bacon
-Tyson chicken breast and thigh *** update, I only eat pure chicken now with no additives. I eat amick farms.
-Pepsodent original toothpaste
- cantaloupe
- watermelon
-salmon, other fish without additives
- premio sweet Italian sausage
- Pat lafrieda sausage
- Farm Promise ground beef
- Pur Gum (I tried spearmint?)
-Celestial Seasonings Chamomile tea **** update: causes pain, off the list
-Farm promise ground sausage
-Perdue chicken breasts and chicken thighs *** no Perdue or Tyson chicken
-Fresh Eastern white potatoes (limit (nightshades)) **** can be tough to digest and contribute to BF
-cape cod regular chips (regular size) (limit)
-cape cod jalapeno infused chips (regular size) (limit)
- fresh jalapenos (small amount not every day)
- pure maple syrup
- blackberries
- oven-baked eggs in baked goods, not alone(look at 2/21 post update above)
-shoprite heartland chili (limit nightshades)
-apple country EMPIRE apples *** update: careful with apples now
- garden of eatin YELLOW corn chips (will eventually mess your mood up but I eat these on a cheat day, no intestinal pain)
-jasmine enriched long grain white rice **** small amounts
-Black Pepper **** careful, can contribute to insomnia
-kinnikinnick chocolate chip cookies
- almnof breeze almond milk **** careful w added vitamins
-la consenta refried pinto beans

2021 ADDED:
- ShopRite GF white bread (potato and tapioca starch)
-Against the Grain GF Pizza (careful with citric acid though)
-Goya Pinto Beans (Better than black)
-ShopRite no HFCS ketchup
- Grass fed beef with no additives
-Spicy nacho Doritos regular bag (low reactivity)

I'm sure there are others in 2021 just cannot think of them at this moment.

Careful(keep low or none at all,some have hidden corn/wheat or just general sensitivity):
-so delicious dairy free ice cream
-Frank's buffalo sauce (I do tend to get mouth sores with this but I think it is related to it's acidity)
-Sour jacks (if you can tolerate it)
-swedish fish(if you can tolerate it)
- starburst (if you can tolerate it)
-100% agave tequila - maybe safe, maybe.
-veggie straws (EDIT: I can tolerate a little, it does have corn in it...(careful with these tho, I may have had gut pain with them, either from potatoes or corn additives)
--Chickpea pasta (careful, chickpeas can cross react with soy, if you react to this than avoid it)
-dum dum lollipops (I reacted to limited edition so I'm not so sure about this I MAY be able to eat the original version fine but am not so sure)
-Snickers (surprisingly I tolerate these pretty well, maybe a 2/10 in general pain, 0 being none at all.  I tolerate them better than reeses, snickers has actual peanuts instead of peanut butter which may be a reason.  They also have chocolate which has dairy obviously and a little bit of egg.  But I don't think they cross the threshold of me reacting to them with the small amount of egg and limited casein..? **** Update 2/2021: I eat these fine now.
-cooler ranch Doritos (surprisingly maybe a 2-3/10 reaction given my terrible reaction to corn.  Maybe the cooking does something to the corn protein?) *** Update, I eat the spicy nacho and CR normal bags with low reactivity now in 2021.
- Betty crocker gluten free brownies. (did not have a reaction to this but it does contain rice flour, for now it's in careful.  It also requires eggs, but I've yet to see a reaction from oven baked eggs)
-Betty crocker GF yellow cake.
- Betty crocker GF chocolate chip cookies
- blue bunny vanilla bean ice cream (no gut pains, however, causes brain fog/irritability, don't eat if you don't want pois symptoms, only eat on special occasions)**** update feel fine after having some but might set your gut up to be temporarily more leaky.
-butter (too much causes bad mood, may be trigger) *** update: seems fine now in 2021
-kinninkinnick biscuits (added tapioca)

-testing quinoa sometime in the future
- veggie chips without corn
- Limit butter
- Limit coconut oil
- Limit oils in general (pain or bad mood for some reason)

Additional questionable:

*GF = grain free
****also remember to look out for hidden additives... for example, carrageenan in Turkey or eggs in sauce.

Some of you may think this is hard especially for breakfast.  I find eating 2 romaine lettuce, turkey and Kraft creamy Italian dressing sandwiches (substituting the romaine lettuce leaves for the bread) to be easily made, along with a pear or Apple and some almond milk to be fulfilling for breakfast.  Eat goya beans every morning as well. Mashed potatoes with almond milk and turkey is also a personal preference.  Again, looking out for additives is a must.

Basically I would say this is a gut healing diet.  My theory is food sensitivities/intolerances cause inflammation in the body and when we O, the body and especially the brain is "breached", causing pois symptoms.  This diet relieved my 24/7 brain fog and all POIS symptoms.  I am able to O freely but still try to keep it for the weekend. I will update my food list whenever I feel appropriate and I have very high hopes the relief will continue as long as I stay on this diet.  GL to all.


Like GLC also been concentrating further on continuing to improve suitable diet.  Significantly increased fruit portions even further, replaced full fat yogurt with low fat. Most important; reduced standard cheese consumption and replaced it with goat cheese. Fresh version seems best. It seems my general suffering has reduced once again quiet significantly.

Conclusion: Elimination of grains, particularly wheat greatly reduces brain fog.  Change of dairy especially cheese type greatly reduces inflammation (especially chest area for me).
Also tried diet with higher consumption of blue cheese containing loads of penicillin especially during POIS but did not seem to help me much.
Chocolate containing sugar is out of the question.
I see wrong diet as partly responsible for intensity of suffering during POIS period as well as Non-POIS period.

Regarless change of diet, supplements, sufficient sleep, exercise, etc. POIS stays present and need to continue homework including techniques to keep suffering under managable levels.

Going less Crazy:
Well I had a pretty nice reply and than my phone turned off so here's a short version.

My POIS is still good and can still O freely, again I still try just for the weekends because it does give me more energy when I restrain (practical for all men probably).  I don't take any supplements only one probiotic pill a week for gut health (my personal POIS theory).  Yes haha I'm sorry skittles I can't have because of some additive... And it's not sugar related.  I can have spoonfuls of honey and feel fine, than one mini bag of skittles and feel bad and its very noticeable.  But that's my POIS diet and ppl may react differently. 

Again, I may have some celiac related...gluten intolerance related problem at the core of it all.

Im hoping my pois is all diet related and maybe itll get to a point where i can reintroduce foods, but I will remain on this diet forever if i have to.  One question id like to know is if there is something else going on causing me to react to foods like this...but ill try not to worry about it since worrying isnt too healthy. And ty for the compliments you also.  GL less fogged, Prancer and others.  I will do a mini update of my diet now.

After 3 years of a continuing focus on nutritional approaches, aligned with healthy lifestyle (exercise, alcohol avoidance etc), I can say while this has helped me to feel healthier outside of a 3 day POIS cycle, I couldn't say it has had a dramatic effect for me when in a POIS cycle, which I happen to be now. Just ride it out, if that isn't an oxymoron !!!

Avoidance still the most helpful approach for me, but obvious downsides to that of course.


Thanks for your input GLC

for me, eggs are OK. actually eggs (only boiled) seem to helpful.

Here is my diet list that may be helpful in speeding up recovery of POIS
1- Olive oil (I can confirm it helps, it reduces irritablity)
2- Tuna
3- Vegetables
4- Slightly sweet fruits like apples.
5- Boiled eggs
6- cinnamon drink


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