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Re: another aproach
« Reply #30 on: April 13, 2019, 08:06:44 AM »
I said it before but I think you are using other values. I used the reference range of my hospital. When I google I see other hospitals have almost similar RR. My total testosterone is normal, but my free testosterone is too low. Yes, I am open to use Androgel, but only under supervision of a doctor. I have an appointment with an internist. If he does not want to give it I will go to an urologist who is familair with POIS. For me it is important to feel well out of POIS. That is my priority. After that I can look at POIS.

Did you had symptoms out of POIS? Like feeling cold and warm (flushes), sleeping problems and feeling down? Or did you have this only in POIS?  I read on a Dutch website that a man had sleeping problems and weird warmth sensations, he was also feeling down. A bit like me. My free testosterone is low since the first time I checked it (11 in 2010, now it is just 9.1).
i hadnt those cold|warm sensations and sleeping problems but i had constant depression, sever brain fog, mental and physical fatigue, no desire for workout, no stamina, could not walk for long, needed to eat at least one chocolate a day after even a small physical load and all this hell start right after a big O and lasts at least 4 days to restore up to 50% and at least one week to restore up to 80-90%
so that was no life but nightmare
just before starting TRT i checked my T level was 325 ng/dl
now all those nasty things gone
i dont know my exact level for now but sometimes i have water retention and swollen face = strong evidence that i have more than enough testosterone and overall i feel great

and btw androgel isnt the best way to try T
actually testosterone cream is much  much better then gel
T cream isnt so widespread so far but if you really want you will find it
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current protocol: 24mg test. cypionate subQ every day, Cabergoline 0.125mg every 5 days, Alcar 2 grams per day, NALT 0.6 gram per day sulbutiamine 2*200 every day highly potent vitamins each day = no pois at all and in addition now have quite decent motivation


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Re: another aproach
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I just checked with my Physician and she says that they're using a different type of measurement. So my testosterone is normal high according to the reference range.