Author Topic: My treatment plan for imbalanced microbiota / candida  (Read 4052 times)


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Re: My treatment plan for imbalanced microbiota / candida
« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2018, 07:13:08 AM »
Hi Paradoxx.

How is it going? Did you see any improvement with vagus nerve stimulations?


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Re: My treatment plan for imbalanced microbiota / candida
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2019, 05:56:04 PM »
Paradoxx can you update on your progress please?

Thanks Muon and Vandemolen for the links.

I completed phase 2, no more antimycotics. Currently day 8 of phase 3 (probiotics) and day 15 post-o. Went to the doctors again twice since the last update. First of all, the doctor focussing on the diet/intestinal approach told me candida was sufficiently treated (no more candida clinging to the walls of the intestines) and that I should continue as planned with the probiotics. He mentioned that he was hoping for clearer results aka that I would feel a significant improvement of my symptoms which I didn't but to continue nonetheless. Since I started the probiotics my emotions are all over the place, which they often are but higher fluctuation than normal. Also there was congestion on most of these days. For a few days now I can also slowly start to eat things I couldnt in the 30 days before.   

The other doctor focused on the dysautonomia. To her it was pretty clear that the dysautonomia and POIS symtoms are closely related and she recommended that I balance my autonomic nervous system: Starting today I add 3x10minutes of breathing at a 6 breaths/minute rate. Also she suggested to join a yoga class (have been in classes before so wont be hard). And the most interesting thing is that I will start getting infusions with acetylcholine. I've read about choline many times in this forum and it seems to help some of you so I'm opening another thread for discussing this part in detail (

Also, she recommended to approach the psychological angle. We talked about my suspicions of having aspergers syndrome / high functioning autism. She told me my suspicion is not far-fetched and I should get myself checked for that. Unfortunately it will take long to get an appointment with a specialist.