Do you have normal white blood cells count?

yes, my blood count is very normal
1 (33.3%)
it is at the lower limt
1 (33.3%)
it is at the upper limit
0 (0%)
it is below the lower limit
1 (33.3%)
it is above the upper limit
0 (0%)

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White Blood Count
« on: August 07, 2014, 02:41:50 PM »
Hi friends,
Every time I do blood test I get low white blood count just at the lower limit. Doctors always say it's normal even if it is at lowest normal level.

Just thinking if this result has anything related to the auto immune theory; everytime we ejaculate an autoimmune reaction occurs and this may affect white blood cells.

In addition, my blood plates is slightly below the normal range.

Let's see how many of us share the same readings?

Always best wishes to all,