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Who's done "hard mode" from orgasm to NE?

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Going less Crazy:
I've abstained for long periods of time but never in hard mode.  Meaning no touching or stimulation at all until an NE.  Obviously an erection is OK but no stimulating it at all.

I've done this maybe a couple of days in a row tops, but each time I notice my head is really really clear along with a very refreshing nights sleep.  However if I touch again, I sort of relapse.  Not sure if this is a mini POIS reaction or just hormones.

I'm going to give this a try, no stimulation until NE.  Ill update.  Has anybody else done this?

I have done it for months. It's hard at the beginning but when I saw how my mind was free and felt physically good, I tried to stay abstinent for the longest I could, which was in between NE.

Recently I have gone back to stimulation once in a while to see if the supplements I take are making a difference. I do think they are helping but I much prefer to abstain. I have had great moments with new people while abstinent and do not want to go back to being a hermit. Its actually easier for me to abstain now that I see how much better I feel. Although this year I started to feel as though I might be losing libido even though I'm in my mid-20s.

Going less Crazy:
Sometimes when ive done this for a few days in a row before, I feel so good that I think I no longer have pois, only to relapse that day after O.  Man I wish somehow our bodies would just adjust.

On allergies, if POIS is one, I wonder if it would be possible if it just went away like sometimes food allergies are known to just vanish or ppl grow out of them, especially if it is avoided for long periods of time.

This is a really good topic. The answer for me is no, I haven't (yet). I think this is the reason why I feel constant symptoms even while abstaining from orgasm. I'm definitely gonna give this a try sometime soon. I thought about trying this a few times before, but I kept on brushing it off for later. Even though I stay away from O, it's never in a "hard mode" as you say. And I really think this is a big reason why I feel constant symptoms (though not as strong as from actual O, but still bad). If anyone else tries this like GLC & Macster, please also chime in. Thanks, excellent topic, very glad you brought it up. Hopefully no NE while experimenting with this.

Going less Crazy:
Yes it is really hard.  Especially when you wake up in the morning if you know what I mean :O .  I delayed my hard mode due to my experiment with taurine...wanted to try it out for an O that I'll update on in a couple days.

I think I might have to revise my statement a little.  I did get really good sleep when doing hard mode before.  I practically remember one night sleeping really well.  But then again as I remember now, that was a night where I also drank a lot of alcohol for one of my friends 21 bday.  So that definitely added to the good night's sleep.  But this doesn't mean hard mode shouldn't be tried.

I find it hard that macster did this for months.  If that is the case than man have you got some monk like focus.  I also agree on the hermit thing. Sucks having POIS days.  I really am still trying to manage this.  1 O a week is very hard for me but I will have to do this (after hard mode).  I want to live my life.


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