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Perfect. So here it is.

Please everybody try to keep more serious topics relating to POIS in the corresponding boards where they belong. Not that I want to ba a control freak, but so that there is an order that all users can count on, especially outside resources that may just be looking for things.

It's certain that there may be POIS related subjects that aren't covered by the board yet, but at the risk of GOING CRAZY with boards, those orphaned topics can be discussed here. As these grow we can group them and eventually find them a home.

BTW cornelius, I like the way that your POIS type and current "treatments" show up under your posts. I guess that would be in your profile?

There may be whole forums that receive 2 posts per year. If that happens we'll move the posts and delete the forum.

I understand that at NSF, everybody has gotten used to opening the WEB page and writing. Simple easy, say what ever I want where ever and whenever.

So it's so much hard here, to look for the right place to speak. Heaven forbid that we should have things organized, for someone like Stephanie from NORD for instance that needs to find something easily and quickly.

Aside from which she can use the search feature, which directs her to all the instances in the forum very quickly. How many others like her would there be who can send resources our way, when their goal is NOT to open the page and write what ever they want in the moment. They just go away.

Before you make all kinds of suggestions, USE the site, get the feel for it. After 20 posts or so, you'll start to see that it's not as bad at all as you thought. And so what if you only use one forum, or two, and the rest are empty. As I said, if that happens we'll remove the forum.

And if it's a matter of not finding a space to write, make the suggestion. But if it's just a matter of having to take the time to change forums to write something different, make the small effort, it's for the benefit of those who are looking for something valuable. Thanks

Vincent M:
Just wanna say I love the look of this new forum site. I like how the topics are separated too since I'm more interested in the smaller treatments that can reduce POIS symptoms at the moment and also Silodosin I suppose. Since I'm not as interested in things like testosterone therapy and the POIS as being an alergic reaction theory I can more easily skip to the stuff I wanna read now.


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