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Hello everyone
     I am very happy to tell you guys how well eggs are helping me against POIS. I started eating eggs after reading Gcrisp post in the naked scientists forum. Gcrisp got POIS in his 40s or 50s after he was put on statin drugs for cholesterol control. Later Gcrisp realised that the cause was the statins, he then stopped the statins and started to eat eggs daily for POIS. He claims that he got cured of POIS eventually.
     But i am in my 20s and dont take statins.But  i started eating eggs for POIS. I ate 2 eggs daily. My POIS was of a type where my mind never clears , everyday i had brain fog. Only after starting the eggs i realised my POIS duration lasts for 5 or 6 days. It will be 5 days if stimulation was more, and the duration was 6 days if stimulation was very less. After the 5th or 6th day my brain fog cleared. it was the first time in my life, after my childhood, i was able to think clearly, but brain fog used to set in after mild stimulation.
     So i ate 2 eggs daily. By 5th month of starting eggs, i had a strange experience. On a normal day without POIS, i woke up to the brain fog of POIS, i was so desperate and thought that eggs are failing, this brain fog lasted for 6 days. then on the 7th day the brain fog cleared. In that week i realised that my POIS duration has reduced from 5 or 6 days (depending upon stimulation) to 4 or 5 days (depending upon stimulation). I was so happy, at last something has started to work for me.
     Then by 9 months and 10 days of eating eggs my pois duration reduced from 4 or 5 days to 3 or 4 days. Before the POIS duration reduced i did experience brain fog for 6 days which was not due to POIS.
     After 12 months and 29 days my POIS duration reduced from 3 or 4 days to 2 or 3 days.Before the POIS duration reduced i did experience brain fog for 6 days which was not due to POIS.
     By the next three months pois duration should have reduced to 1 or 2 days, but it didnt happen. But unfortunately by 14 month 25 days, every time i o my pois lasted for 6 days. This 6 day POIS lasted everytime i o from 14 month 25 days onwards. I was very desperate. Those days were very tough.
       But by 17 months 22 days my POIS duration all of a sudden became 1 day. But afterwards pois would last for 6 days.
       But by July 8, 2016 (1 year 6 months 24 days) whenever i o pois never exceeded 2 days. My nocturnal emissions have reduced very much. Now i get more confidence, and i feel like i can face any hardships and now i dont wish to end my life anymore.
    Its been 2 yrs and 4 pois still lasts for 2 days .... But one major improvement is nocturnal emissions have stopped..... i used to have 4 nocturnal emissions in a week in the past
     I once tried increasing the no. of eggs to three a day so that POIS duration reduction may be hastened, but it didnt work out. i think my body takes this much time to make changes.
     I eat only home grown hen's eggs because for more than 13 months i had been eating eggs from stores. During that period i had common cold and fever every month. Before i started eating these eggs from shops i used to have cold and fever only twice in a year. So i switched to home grown hen's eggs and now i dont get cold or fever often.

Congratulations !
Some guys here think Pois may have to do with acetylcholin receptors.
One the oldest theory with eggs for Pois is that eggs are rich on cholin (300mg per egg if I remember). And this cholin may help to boost acetylcholin synthesis.

I ate 1 or 2 eggs a day during long time but it never improved my Pois. Now, I take taurine and it helps a lot. I wonder if taurine might help to absorb/synthetize fats and choline.

Thanks b_jim
I think its about the cholesterol in the egg rather than choline( i may be wrong). Gcrisp got POIS after he was put on statin drugs. Statin inhibit the enzyme that synthesize cholesterol.
      Can u tell me how long you ate egg. It took me atleast 5.5 months of eating eggs to notice a difference in my POIS duration. My POIS was of a type where the brain fog never goes away. On the second month this constant brain fog went away and i found out that my pois duration was 5 or 6 days. So i never gave up and i ate the eggs daily
        Can u describe your pois symptoms and duration

I ate eggs since many years. My total cholesterol is just under low limit.
Before 2008, I had Pois during 3-4 days with hot flashes after meals, diarrheas, muscle weakness and cognitive trouble, loss of concentration.

I have just learn today that 90% seems to have choline deficiency. Indeed, insuffisant in diet.

--- Quote ---Results: Mean choline usual intakes exceed the AI for young children. For older children, men, women and pregnant women, mean usual intakes are far below the AI; 10% or less had usual intakes above the AI.
--- End quote ---

- Choline is poor in our diet.
- Choline is quiet rich in semen.
- Choline is cofactor of acetylcholin and a deficiency of this can cause symptoms close to Pois.

It smells good :)

Choline is fat-soluble and I suspect Taurine to improbe absorbtion/synthesis of choline.

hello b_jim
    alas, nothing works for everyone.....
    i read that article...
    i read this from a biochemistry book.... The major lipids in mammalian membranes are Phospholipids, Glycosphingolipids and cholesterol....Phospholipids include two classes, they are phosphoglycerides and sphingomyelin.....phosphoglycerides contain choline and other alcohols.


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