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Pois and schizo
« on: December 23, 2014, 10:59:16 PM »
I dont want to tell u pessimistic and negative idea but i have to share that with u with all fidality , have u ever though of schizophrenia , in fact schizophrenia is like pois , both of them evolve in the 18 to late 20 , the theory for schizo says that there is neurodevelopmental abnormality that leads to abnormal networking of brain !! , have u ever felt that ? That ur neurons in the brain are not connected in a proper way , am writing this with peaceful mind cuz i really feel comfortable to thos interpretation for pois , it looks like that , but we are having good cognition while others dont  , we some times tend to have brief delusions brief paychosis right ? I had brief psychosis one time , schizo also arise from late 18 - 21 , and i remember one poiser had schizophrenia and pois the same time , all my interpretation right now is my child hood trauma caused that neurodevelopmental abnormality manifested as continous pois , am having cont pois it never regresses , so guys treatment for such conditions is by group therapy , pois person need to gather with each others thing together try to fullfill the gaps each one have , try to complement so group therapy is drug of choice , we need to be trated for how we preceive things , precepts , how we deal with obcessions and paranoia , depression and anxiety , pois is like a titrated mixure of all those illnesses ( ocd , psychosis , depression , hypomany pplus avoidant personality disorder ) it is not a psy chiatric condition it is organic giving rise to psychiatric ) am not having a straight assumption or conformation to this may be an wrong and my interpretation is different , all what we have to know is that we are afflicted guys we are tested we are given a chance in order to realleviate and reconstruct our damaged behaviour to illness , i had a child hood head trauma and i know it is my pois precuror , but other have genetic factor , all we have to know guys plz plz listen that this is not our fault , it is a test and affliction on dunya to get better life later , plz focus with me there is only one who knows what we are having and this illness can get us right to the paradise if got patient and tolerated the illness , it is only god who knows our problem we need to get back to him and ask for merci , cuz he can in a moment to heal poIs in All of us  by a medication that hasnt been invented yet , so it is our choice either we get stubborn and then lose , or for him we pray to get rid of our illness , it is our choice , we are creatures that are weak like other creatures and there is a wisedome for us of being poised ,
POIS of 10 yrs now

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Re: Pois and schizo
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2015, 06:17:09 AM »
Although one of my uncles has schizophrenia, I can definitely say it is not related to POIS, at least the orgasm part, or my own POIS.  I am WAY different than my uncle.  Schizophrenia really changes a person.  Although while in POIS you can feel totally disconnected and out of it, it all has to do with some sort of reaction to orgasm.  Although histamine is related in both (probably), you cannot relieve schizophrenia by abstaining from sex.  This POIS goes away from abstaining.  I am my real self in a weeks time after a bad POIS episode.
My POIS managed with Diet (@ diet that 100% manages my pois)Believe my POIS stems from inflammation in the gut. O = neuro POIS from inflammation from the gut

Current supps: microdose of zyrtec and gaia liquid olive leaf extract for sleep. Micro astragalus and 1tsp ev olive oil for energy .

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Re: Pois and schizo
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2015, 08:21:10 AM »
No mental illness in my family whatsoever. I suspect the depression is due to inflammation of some sort in the brain.
I also haven't had any childhood trauma.
Symptoms last 6-7 days. Onset of muscle weakness after 30 seconds. Symptoms include: brain fog, fatigue, depression, pale skin/dark circles under eyes,  digestive problems, difficulty taking a full breath, irritability. NONE of these are present out of POIS.


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Re: Pois and schizo
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2015, 08:52:46 AM »
Hi guys,   I am an epilepsy patient ( not  severe seizures , just mild seizures but still persists)..... I get seizures  particularly during pois period....
 When ever i am exposed  to extreme stress i get mild seizures ( loss of consciousness  for about 30seconds) . During pois period, we will be at
more stress so i will be getting these seizures.   

My grand fathers, uncles have some neurological problems  and may be am more vulnerable to neuro problems.