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Re: Homosexuals with POIS
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Hi, I know this is an old post so not sure if I should reply. Anyway I'm gay and struggle with POIS.

I struggle with a lot of social anxiety and haven't been with another guy for a long time, so I can't really answer.
I can't imagine that coming in contact with another guy's semen would be a problem for me though. In my case I feel it's a depletion of various brain chemicals that occurs during POIS rather than a semen allergy.

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Re: Homosexuals with POIS
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Thanks for your reply, Caveeater. If you gain any new information on the subject please do share it with us.
Taking ginger tea, no wheat, fenugreek+green tea/garlic, saw palmetto, niacin, boswellia, huperzine, B complex and nutmeg. See my treatment summary post for more info: