Author Topic: OCD- How many times will I do that.  (Read 2106 times)


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OCD- How many times will I do that.
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:14:52 AM »
I get severe OCD when I have an acute reaction but now it has been habituated. I am learning to manage better and better every day and have been wking hard on it for about 2yrs. Yet, have made the biggest strides of recent due to stresors in my life forcing them out of control about 1.5months ago. The OCD has now been habituated due to so many POIS reactions and is there all the time so takes constant work and must be used for things like work and school, yet can be exhausting at night when it does not slow down unless I do certain things like listen to music, use the phone and shower in a very specific way. It is not just routine it is something different. I am going to an OCD group this week to help make things better, so that they do not spiral again, because they cannot anymore.

I have found that computers, tv and electronics can be toxic for OCD, especially social nets. Being outside and socializing are the two best therapies as of yet. Also CBT has helped in the past yet, am optimistic about the new group.  I would highly recommend CBT/DBT and OCD groups for the problem if you experience it because it can be a debilitating state which is harmful to yourself and others. My problem can be phone calls and OCD (I have made 40! when it tacked out at it's highest) about symptoms. It is a maladaptive stress management tool which can be directed toward good behavior.

Be good guys. We will do this together.
28 yo M- POIS for 16yrs (since age 12). Chronic POIS- always there

Tried desensitization for 1.5yrs & was unsuccessful (POIS worse at 1/1000)

 Exercising- (running/light weights/situps/yoga) Ice my perineum. Gluten-free. Supplements- limited success.Meds- Oxcarbazepine/Buspar (past-Depakote10yrs)


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Re: OCD- How many times will I do that.
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2014, 10:34:09 PM »
first 3 days pois i have OCD especially to infections , i can manage it now after absteinence ^_^
POIS of 10 yrs now