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Re: Facebook POIS group
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There are 2 POIS groups on Facebook.
On one the administrator behaves rather strangely: when I mentioned the forum, he would get angry at me and tell that he was the one who was in contact with the forum. Now I read in there that another persons acces was blocked after he mentioned the forum....
I don't know what to think about that...

Not obvious which one I am talking about since I stated the membership numbers? The other one has less than half the members. It was started by someone removed from the larger group for posting strange ideas.  Probably about 100 people have been removed since the creation of the group 7 years ago. A lot of the. end up in the 2nd group. The larger group tries to protect it?s members from false claims, weird ideas stated as facts and dangerous medical advice. We post often about the forum and direct everyone here for everything. This forum has and will always have the most information about POIS. If the Demo or Quantum or any of the admins on the forum need anything posted on the group they know how to message me so there is no need for random posts from group members about the forum.
POIS sufferer for over 3 decades. Has progressively gotten worse over the years and I became completely disabled around 2011. My case of POIS is very severe.