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POIS after urination
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:09:53 AM »
Hello everyone, I started this topic to know whether POIS occurs after urination.I have POIS after urination.I want to know if others have pois after urination.
I have POIS after micturition. It is low grade with cognitive impairment, muscle weakness, protrusion of eye ball.I have post micturition dribble.  My POIS may be due to post micturition dribble. I do not know what is the cause for post micturition dribble. One of the causes is cowper's syringocoele (the cystic dilatation of the duct of bulbo urethral gland(cowper's gland), there are many subtypes with different symptoms, post micturition dribble is seen in perforate syringocoele). I think because of this, while micturition cowper's gland secretions are emptied out along with urine.
                If any one else has POIS after micturition please respond