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Allergy Treatments with Chinese Medicine
« on: July 21, 2013, 12:45:10 PM »
I thought the below quote from this link (interesting video as well about the ear treatment) could possibly be relevant to the POIS condition. It's about hay fever.

"Chinese medicine has been shown to be very effective in treating allergies. In a comparative study on treating Type I allergic diseases, acupuncture and desensitisation therapies were used in 143 cases. The outcome showed that acupuncture had an extensive and remarkable effect on Type I allergic reactions. The curative effect was higher in the acupuncture group than in the desensitisation group (Journal of TCM, 1993 Dec.)."

I had a quick look online and it seems there are some clinics that do acupuncture and Desens. I would be interested to know whether they are being used as a combined treatment.
It always going to be a controversial area given that TCM will never be fully accepted by Western medicine. Interestingly Dr Dexter who treats POIS is a headache specialist (western medicine) and he also uses acupuncture for some of his patients.

I tried an acupuncture session to relieve my POIS symptoms ten years ago and I didn't experience any relief. I had no idea about semen allergy back then though.`
30 years of POIS. Mytelase after O with Iceman breathing technique.