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I think I may have found the answer.
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Ok so I've been dealing with this for years, slowly figuring out it was from orgasm by realizing that I was always happier and more alive when I was single?  Then I started experimenting with seeing how I felt after orgasm and what not and low and behold, I always feel drained, unmotivated, foggy headed.  It sucks because I've refrained from the one free simple joy of orgasming!  Well I started doing research again because this just isn't fair and I believe it is caused by adrenal gland fatigue/adrenal gland exhaustion and/or chronic fatigue syndrome.  

I've read people have little success with adrenal herbals and supplements BUT I've recently discovered that the simple act of massaging glands activates them and balances them.  And the best way to do this is through Yoga.  You can look up adrenal boosting yoga videos on youtube (this only takes minutes out of your day, it's not a long process) but you have to do it everyday, don't expect a change in one day.  Also there's a specific yoga video I've just purchased and have yet to try on Amazon called Fat Free Yoga with a chapter in it called "Life is in your own Glands".  Many reviews say that it balanced out their thyroids (hypothyroidism cured) and they have much more energy, feeling more alive etc.  

I'm so excited to share this all with you as I KNOW how much suffering this causes!  Please give this a try! And post your results so other people can be helped too :) Thanks you guys

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