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Has anybody here ever measured their O2 saturation in blood using an oximeter? I'm planning on buying one of those easy-to-use ones that can be put on a fingertip and measure pulse and oxygen saturation.

I'm above 98% most of the time
(Note that I somehow suspect that AHCC triggered or made worse the POTS-like symptoms that I had from time to time, especially in sommer and during hay fever season. So I'm cautious now about it and won't try immune activators anymore. But everybody is different)
So if you still have to take a pre-pack before orgasm I'd not say that the immune competence therapy "stopped all your symptoms". But I guess that you see a real difference between before this therapy with the pre-pack and after it? Did you see a particular difference before and after IV vitamin C? Did the immune supplements generate symptoms by themselves first, as described by nanna?
Auto-Immune Causes and Treatments / Re: Infliximab cured me(?)
« Last post by hosien2008 on November 16, 2021, 12:50:53 PM »
I asked the intestinal doctor about this medicine tonight, and he said that this medicine is only in the hospital and under the supervision of a doctor, and special care must be taken before and after it, and in general it is a very heavy and dangerous medicine.
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: Effect on Cryotherapy
« Last post by Aladin on November 16, 2021, 12:39:54 PM »
Cryotherapy had no effect on me: i tried it for the manifold tendinitisses i'm suffering of but no effect neither on them nor on my POIS symptoms
"You newer models are happy scraping the poop because you've never seen a miracle."

I suffered from POIS since my first orgasm at 13.

I had the following symptoms for 1-5 days:

-Brain Fog
-Social Awkwardness
-Intense Irritability

I tried everything. But the only things that worked was Nanna's previous stack (

...and Nanna 1's Immune Competence Stack (

The immune stack stopped all my symptoms.

I can now orgasm without fear as long as I take the pre-pack & wait 90 minutes.

I now know how normal people feel after orgasm. They feel...normal.

Thank you Nanna1 for giving me this miracle. I no longer have to scrape the random cures to find something that works :)

For those interested...

The Immune Therapy Process I followed:

1. Take the following 15-20 mins before food, 3X day. You will cycle this stack 6 days on, 4 days off, for 5 months:
 1. QOL Immuno Complex:
-If not available, then use the following (this is what I used):
   1. AHCC (1 cap):
   2. Zinc (1 cap):
   3. Vitamin D3 (1 cap of 5000 IU): Any brand does.
   4. Andrographis (1 cap):
   5. Copper gluconate (1 cap empty stomach):
 2. Vitamin C (2 caps):
 3. Beta-glucan (2 scoops - 1g):
 4. Folate: < 200mcg (1X, every OTHER day):

2. Take 5g Vitamin C IV over 4 days. I spent over $350 for all 4 injections from a local IV therapy near me. I had to split the 4 Vitamin C IVs over 2 weeks (M, W). Take 1 cap copper 3 hrs prior on an empty stomach before IV.

3. Take pre-pack 90 minutes before orgasm. I orgasmed once a week:
   1. Caffeine (1-2 caps):
   2. Citrulline Malate (1 scoop):
   3. Alpha GPC (2 caps):
   4. L-Theanine (2 caps):
   5. NALT (1 cap):

(Here's a link to Nanna1's excellently written post:

In total, I spent $725 for this stack for a 5 month period. It's the best $725 I spent in my life.

Think about it:

If you don't suffer from POIS any longer, how much would your life improve? That's my justification for the expense.

I will post a 5-month update after I've finished the stack.
Auto-Immune Causes and Treatments / Re: Infliximab cured me(?)
« Last post by Quantum on November 15, 2021, 10:51:00 PM »
Keep us updated in the coming months!
POIS Research / Re: Crowdfunding POIS research
« Last post by demografx on November 15, 2021, 04:38:03 PM »
amstro, thanks for this major expression of  commitment! The admin team is thinking about this and I encourage other members to do likewise.
Nice I'd definitely support that. From what I currently saw (I've been lurking for quite sometimes before posting), the current volunteers are great but you can only go so far with only "hobbyist" (if we can call it that way) contributions.
Note that I'm quite busy in my work life so I don't have time to create that myself and can only contribute financially.

amstro, just in case you weren’t already aware, we have raised $34,500 plus a Family Foundation grant that is currently in process to study POIS.
Is there any other fundraising project at the moment?

No, not at the moment. It’s taken us several intense years to get to this point.

I started the process here in 2007!
Auto-Immune Causes and Treatments / Infliximab cured me(?)
« Last post by jeppi on November 15, 2021, 04:11:47 PM »
Started Infliximab infusions for Colitis Ulcerosa couple of weeks ago.
Big help for CU, but as positive side effect it cured my quite severe pois too. I used to suffer nearly 2 weeks after ejaculation, tiredness and brain fog before this.
Now I can just enjoy sex and feel good after it 😂
Hope, this side effect lasts, and it?s not just placebo ;)
General Alternative Causes and Treatments of POIS / Re: Effect on Cryotherapy
« Last post by amstro on November 15, 2021, 03:51:02 PM »
Note that my only symptoms are back + cervical pain.

I tried whole body cryotherapy and it helps with the inflammation. I had some reduction of inflammation at maybe 35% when done twice a week and a lower reduction (15%) at once a week.
Unfortunately the only clinic of my town currently had issues with their machine and it's unavailable for a few months.
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