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General POIS Discussions / Has anyone consulted doctors is Boston, MA?
« Last post by pois_nc on November 22, 2023, 09:32:47 AM »
I am moving to Boston soon, so I was wondering if anyone has consulted doctors in this area
Nanna1s theories & corresponding supplement stacks have really been ground-breaking for my POIS and path moving forward. His POIS Cascade Stack worked amazingly for around a month, especially in regards to fixing my food sensitivities, but since then the effectiveness has slowly dwindled. I have a few ideas in regard to why the method has become less effective, which is what I am attempting to fix/focus on currently. My main hypothesis is that I began eating foods higher in Omega-6, off the back of months of a high Omega-3 and low Omega-6 diet (animal-based).

I created a video on this talking about my experience if anyone's interested:

Just for context, my animal-based method is still very effective. It's just extremely restrictive food-wise, which is why I am exploring other methods around here (and of course cures). My big picture goal is still to cure this darn thing, which Nanna1s theories have given me more confidence then ever...

So to that I really do say, Nanna1s theories have been an enormous breakthrough for me. The guy sounds like a genius.
New video talking about my current experience following Nanna1s protocol:
Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum, but I have been reading up for a while (and tried several potential solutions). I am almost 40 years old and only recently discovered that there was a name for my condition, POIS. I don't think that I have it as severe as some of you here, but I have always had the feeling that something was wrong. I experienced an almost continuous state of brain fog and found it difficult to concentrate and memorize important information. I have done every test there is, including MRI's & memory tests in the hospital. I never once realized it could be orgasm related until a couple of months ago when I read up about the (potential) positive effects of not having an orgasm. I decided to out for a week and instead of the benefits noticed the very negative effects as soon as I had an orgasm again (not only the brain fog, but also becoming over stimulated very easily and very short tempered towards my loved ones).

Anyway, enough for the introduction let's get to the reason why I decided to create an account. two weeks ago I've found this topic on Reddit ( where the TS links POIS to a AcetylCholine/Choline Dominance. As a potential remedy he combined Forskolin (a weight loss supplement) with Zinc and had great results with the reducing effects of POIS ("Within 5-10 minutes it's like the lights came on in my brain and my brain fog was gone!").

Based on his review I decided to give it a go and ordered 1000mg of Forskolin and 30mg of Zinc supplements to try it for myself and I am very happy that I did. I have tried it approx. 6 times now where I took both supplements directly or some time after an orgasm (or multiple ones) and I feel so much better than I did before. My brainfog is completely gone and I feel much more relaxed than I used to (not as short tempered as I normally would in the days after an orgasm). In the meantime another user (lanonimoose) replied in the same topic who tried it and experienced much milder symptoms that lasted much shorter than he normally had. That makes three positive experiences, which is why I wanted to share it here on this forum as well (I couldn't find anything on Forskolin here). Perhaps this can be a solution for others as well.

Please note that I am not a doctor, just a guy searching for a cure. I did experience one side-effect, which is that sometimes I experience a short period of nausea which might also be caused by the fact that I took it on an empty stomach. Nothing too bad tho and it quickly faded, so it definitely is worth it.

I hope this info is helpfull to some of you. If you have any questions, then let me know.

Take care!

PS, I also wanted to share my experience on Reddit, but apparently your account has to be 15 days old before you can post in the POIS section there  ???
POIS Research / Re: Muon's Case
« Last post by Frank on November 22, 2023, 12:41:05 AM »
Sometimes going from 0-100 can cause these kind of problems. You could try a more gradual introduction to see where your limit is.

Have you investigated your stomach acidity?

The duodenum which comes after the stomach mixes together the food + acid + bile and this processes causes the food to be pulverised.

A lack of bile or acid can cause  undigested food to pass through causing an upset stomach.
Lifestyle Diary and POIS Summaries / Re: 1600 Natural Testosterone testimonial
« Last post by Frank on November 22, 2023, 12:30:01 AM »

I also have high testosterone but I am currently investigating a late onset 5-alpha-reductase (5ar) deficiency. I am masculine but have tested quite low DHT. It?s where testosterone is not converted to DHT as it should, amongst other things such as progesterone to allopregnenolone. This poor conversion can lead to high testosterone. DHT has numerous affects in our body and allopregnenolone has a lot to do with our brain.

I can?t say for certain if this path has answers as I am pending making a post until I know with a bit more certainty.

However getting DHT levels assessed as well as the other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid stuff, SHBG etc might help you paint a clearer picture
Lifestyle Diary and POIS Summaries / 1600 Natural Testosterone testimonial
« Last post by orlands on November 21, 2023, 11:37:01 AM »
I have POIS and I have been trying to optimize my testosterone for so long in the hope that it would improve POIS, that when I took the exam, I was surprised. My testosterone levels were sky rocketing to levels that are more than double than what I had when I was 18 years old.
Althought it is that high, I don't feel my libido any better than when I had 700 in testosterone with my exams.. The only difference I noticed is that I'm extremely lean and I never gain fat.. I only put muscle. It's impossible for me to put on fat, and I recover very fast.

The exam said it's currently 1600 (the lab reference is 1100 at the maximum reference), and this is what I have been doing for so long:
CAUTION: please don't follow my advice, this is just what I have been doing for many many years.

1) 20 minutes in the sun, naked, exposing my [testicles], in my apartment
2) ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, B6)
3) Magnesium Chloride (I bought 1kg for extremely low price, and I mix with 2 liters of water in the morning, and drink during the day)
4) Taurine (Bought 500g and mix a scoop with water)
5) I [ejaculate] just once per week. Even if I'm with my girlfriend, I have sex without cumming.
6. When I [ejaculate], I use the injaculation method, that I read in Joe Cohen's blog
7) I take Long Jack (Tongkat Ali) in capsules
8. 6mg of Boron (maybe the most important.. scientific studies show improvements as high as 30% in T levels)
9) Once a week a take half tablet of clomid (very low dose).

Besides that, I eat a lot of meat, rice and eggs, and huge amounts of olive oil. I take much more olive oil then David Perlmutter (doctor that talks about healthy brain)

I notice that I still have awful symptoms of POIS, but it's so much better than it was in 2015...

I'm 33 years old. I always thought that I would start TRT early, but man.. I was very surprised to know that it's possible to increase the T levels tremendously even in this age.
Auto-Immune Causes and Treatments / Re: Multiple scerosis and POIS
« Last post by Muon on November 21, 2023, 10:36:25 AM »
whenever I get sperm on my palms it causes a burning reaction and aching for a few days.

Rash after seminal fluid had contact with skin:

General POIS Discussions / Re: Eggs for POIS
« Last post by Muon on November 21, 2023, 06:37:58 AM »
Quote from: Practical_Figure9759 on reddit
Recently I found a combination of things that completely stops all my symptoms while also revealing the cause.

Its stupid but the simple answer was a combination of eggs + Ener-C (supplement).
POIS Research / Re: Pois is one of CSSs?
« Last post by Muon on November 21, 2023, 06:36:33 AM »
As i mentioned in my d3 post... Glutamate is neurotransmitter making pain and too much glutamate makes nerves CSss, sensityve nervous system. You produce too much glutamate because your dopamine receptor d3 overactivates with orgasem and potentate your glutamate levels in lymbic system.

I have all  necesary evidence for this, but I think nobody is interested...

I have placed your theory under the D3 receptors:
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