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New Dr on the list:
4 - Doctor's name:  Dr Ahmed Mahmoud   ( Endocrinology and metabolic diseases)
Contact information : Scientific coordinator of Andrological center / Male sexual dysfunction (Universiteit Gent) UZ Gent, Corneel Heymanslaan 10, 9000, Entrance 12, route 1450, 9th floor , Gent, Belgium
e-mail :
website : 
PHONE: 09 332 21 37
POIS article(s) published : -
Other information : You need a reference from your primary care physician in order to make an appointment with Dr Ahmed Mahmoud about POIS but you can also email him a letter with explaining your personal history about POIS, how it effects you, etc.

The Andrology Center of Ghent is a founding member of the “Belgian expert group for semen analysis” which provides ESHRE training every 1 or 2 years in semen analysis under supervision of the Belgian Institute of Public Health (Ahmed Mahmoud, followed by Kelly Tilleman).

Dr Ahmed Mahmoud is a colleague of the medical head of endocrinology Prof Guy T'Sjoen--
The Doctor who was at #4 is now retired, so I just put this new entry there
General POIS Discussions / Re: ChatGPT/OpenAI
« Last post by Muon on Today at 12:20:58 PM »
Gemini: Unlocking insights in scientific literature

Introducing Gemini — Google’s newest and most capable AI model.

Watch Google DeepMind Research Scientist Sebastian Nowozin and Software Engineer Taylor Applebaum use Gemini to read, understand and filter 200,000 scientific papers to extract crucial scientific information. All in a lunch break.
POIS Research / Re: POIS Theory Master List
« Last post by Muon on December 07, 2023, 06:38:39 AM »

Guys this Tachycardia is killing me, can't concentrate, can't study ,have exams in a month.Have muscle pain,some cognitive symptoms,no brain fog though, can cope with them all except that disturbing tachycardia which gets better after ejaculation for about 6 to 8 hrs and then sets again despite plenty of rest.Fexo has little to no effect and also makes me dizzy.Only ibuprofen worked so far.

Hi All,

Demo and Daveman just received the public portion of Dr. Komisaruk's interim report from NORD. Here it is --

"A preliminary interpretation of our current data is that POIS symptoms are accompanied by a lowered heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV), and that vagal stimulation may produce a beneficial effect on POIS symptoms (increased heart rate and HRV) as a 're-bound' from the vagal stimulation. These are very preliminary findings and continued research with additional participants is underway, to assess the reliability of these findings."


Heard someone talking in this video that antihistamines can act negatively/positively depending on how the autonomic system behaves:

His HR lowers after ejaculation. I wonder if that is related by a temporary decrease of cytokines shortly after orgasm (as in my case). Vagus nerve dysfunction?
POIS Research / Re: Muon's Case
« Last post by Muon on December 06, 2023, 01:26:06 PM »
Sometimes going from 0-100 can cause these kind of problems. You could try a more gradual introduction to see where your limit is.

Have you investigated your stomach acidity?
No, I had moments, especially in 2013 when POTS peaked, that food felt like a brick sitting in stomach doing nothing. I expect it to be on the lower side.

The first symptom arose during breast feeding at age 2 days. Cardiac Pulse faded until it was gone. They gave me smaller portions and it didn't happen again.

My guess: I think that neural networks were overloaded. I have this problem to this day, portion size puts a load on my brain and on some systemic network. Digestion in stomach can affect my respiratory rate for example. It feels like the body has to work harder, as in, providing/directing power but at the cost of other functions. That's why the cardiac pulse probably went weaker when I were a baby.

My uncle, as a baby, had a reaction to porridge (gut). Had to be taken to the intensive care unit.

Then you have POIS. Orgasm can make me feel weak (nervous system?). Add that digestive effect on top of it when eating during POIS mode and it will be even more difficult to digest stuff. There is also a local contact reaction going on between food and stomach for some type of foods, but I think that is immune related.

Large meal size can also be more demanding (on my neural networks?) when relatively powerfull peristaltic movement of gut is necessary. 
General POIS Discussions / Re: Why does sexual arousal gives me major symptoms?
« Last post by nomadsoul on December 06, 2023, 11:42:28 AM »
Yeah, it happens to some poisers (me to).
The thing is, as soon as you start arousall, sexual glands are activate,
prostate gland start to produce semen, copper glands coper fluid...
chatecholamines, hormones etc start to prepare for sexual act.
Now, where the thing go wrong? Is prostate inflame CNS (trought
periphrenal organs)(trought mast cells, basophils?).
Is pois cascade start from producing sperm or
from eyaculating sperm?
Or underlying illnes(eg infection for exemple)
is cousing this? We are still in beginning to prowe this.

A olsou tested meny time after big period of abstinence,
to eyaculate fast withouth much arousall and still get brutall pois.

Hi, for me what triggers the POIS attack is not the ejaculation but the 'O' and only in minimum part arousal that would also explain the female cases. In my case definitely it is "O". Maybe is a both for some people or only one.

How do we reduce symptoms?

For me: Abstinance, stop watching adult film and get help from doctors plus read posts of this great community since it was created.

Adult movies is a real amplifier, compared to making real sex. So i try to stop to watch am.

Complete abstinence is really hard to achieve (for me) especially if i'm anxious or very stressed. Some help i get from the various supplements listed here on the forum (but ask to your doctor pls) Definitely better to live now than in the 80s/90s where you couldn't ask anyone for help or even confront without being taken for a fool. The Internet is a wonderful invention if it is used in the right way.

So we must to be positive, there is this nice community to talk with and medical trials are already underway.  :)
POIS Research / Re: Google POIS Alerts
« Last post by demografx on December 05, 2023, 12:00:09 PM »

In Today’s Google POIS alert:

National Center for Biotechnology Information

The first Tunisian case of postorgasmic illness syndrome:
A case report

This  is not earthshaking POIS News…

…but it highlights excellent proof  that POIS is now finally becoming slowly-but-surely  recognized - - as evidenced in these and other reports in highly reputable medical references - - as a serious and legitimate sexual-medicine disorder!


POIS Research / Re: Google POIS Alerts
« Last post by demografx on December 05, 2023, 11:31:18 AM »

I do recommend this search engine over google:

Thanks, but do they have an Alert System Service - - like Google does - -  where I can receive POIS News emailed to me “as-it-happens”??

_without_ my having to search for it?

***Google*** (not me!) does all the realtime POIS search for me daily, then reports back to me - - daily!

If not, I’ll just stick to Google. Thanks, anyway.
Glad you found the issue with the stack. Just be careful with high dose of vitamin D, it can leads to hypercalcemia and kidney stones :

I believe the solution is to take k2 vitamin in synergy, but i'm not 100% sure and I don't know the dosage.

POIS Research / Re: Google POIS Alerts
« Last post by Muon on December 05, 2023, 08:40:54 AM »
I do recommend this search engine over google:
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