Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (P.O.I.S.)

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Title: Protocol for fighting pois
Post by: Labyrinth on April 06, 2021, 04:10:00 AM
Hi guys
I have this pois since long time
The only relief from pois is by antiinflammatory drugs

The things that works for me is????

Directly After orgasm
Day 1
dexamthasone 2 mg  able to reduce inflammation massivley it relaxes neuroinflammation in general

Baclofen 2 tabs able to relax your tense muscles and headaches = very safe to use

Try as much to avoid anticholinergic cuz they worse brain fog - - zyretic ia better option

Day 2
You can use celecoxib cox 2 inhibitor to control inflammation and paracetamol 2 tabs every 12 hrs

Usually u wont need more antiinflammatories for day 3 if you followed this protocol

Later u can use antioxidants herbs and circimun to controll rest of the week

By this protocol u can do O twice aweek and still using safe meds

Title: Re: Protocol for fighting pois
Post by: certainlypois2 on April 06, 2021, 07:09:12 PM

nice I see me using something similar in the future